Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

06. Sesshoumaru x InuKimi

  After defeating his father and his brother, Sesshoumaru went to the palace of his mother: Inukimi, which was the only remaining Massacre youkai to master everything at once. But, by her knowledge of magic, it would not be easy to overcome, especially when she already knew everything that had happened and soon prepared to receive her son.
  Soon he arrived, apparently serene and quiet, but with ulterior motives behind that calm appearance. He talked to his mother and usually within minutes, he attacked her from behind, but he had a big surprise.
- Your behavior has changed Sesshoumaru. Generally you attack from the front.
- Damn! How did you know I would attack you?
- I am your mother, so I know all your moves before you do them, so be careful with me.

  Without him seeing Inukimi arrested him in a circle of spiritual energy that would take away the youkai who was controlling Sesshoumaru out of his body. And soon and he is back to normal, but not remember anything of what he did when he controlled. I did not know how he had gotten there or who he hurt during that time.
- Mother? What happened? Why am I here?
- You've been a terrible husband, Sesshoumaru. I'm not proud to have a son like you ... The spirit of Zakuro dominated you to kill the people you loved and you leave dominate, I'm bored.
- I did something bad?
- See with your own eyes, Sesshoumaru.