Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, December 17, 2012

Prologue: Last Summer day in Lake

 After the bride and groom arrived from honeymoon, the family decided to spend the last day of summer in a cool blue lake, which was part of the domains of Sesshoumaru. Everyone was excited and packed everything besides swim, do a picnic in the middle of the day. Kiara took the basket with food and Sesshoumaru basket with drinks.
  They walked a few miles, but soon reached the desired destination: the pure and transparent water sparkled quietly, inviting visitors to submerge. Yasuhiko was the first to dive, followed by Shuyan. The others were sinking slowly through Yasuhiko, who pushed the brothers and the sisters carried back into the water.
  The only one left was dry Nishihara, Yasuhiko preferred target for pranks. Arrived snuck up behind her and the girl hung back, throwing it into the water.
- Yasuhiko! Get back here! You will pay me for it!
- Come and get me if you can, little sister. - He teased.

 Nishihara ran across the edge of the lake behind Yasuhiko when he was caught by Akihiro and Kaname and also thrown into the water.
- Thanks for the help ... - She gasped, her face red from running in the sun.
- Do not thank me, he got what he deserved.
- We were planning to get back into it. - Akihiro concluded the conversation.

 Yasuhiko out of the water laughing, but getting ready to get back in the brothers who had played in the lake. Before it did, Sesshoumaru called everyone to the meal. They had lunch and lay by the lake by time, until the eldest son of Kiara Akihiro pull-that-was asleep by the feet to the lake.
- Coward! Come back here, Yasuhiko!

 Nishihara soon joined in the fun of the brothers and Yasuhiko pushed into the water.
- Miserable! You'll pay dearly for it, Nishihara!
He ran after her like a wolf stalking prey. To protect herself, she hid behind Sesshoumaru, who discovered it and said, signaling to Yasuhiko:
- You provoked, now hold on.
- What kind of father are you? Instead of protecting me, I will deliver to the enemy?
- You are no longer children, Nishihara then stare. If you can not counter it, ask your brothers.

 Yasuhiko succeeded in realizing the plan of revenge against Nishihara and launched into the water like a simple boulder. She returned to shore, but not revenge, was to rest near her parents.
 Soon night came and they returned home, but before leaving, the brothers planned Sesshoumaru play in the water. For he had not swum all day and he should get out of there wet. Fortunately, the plan worked and Kiara went into the water on their own to stay with her husband. The youkai took a few minutes with the priestess and then returned to the palace.
- He is not angry?
- Apparently not, but I'm sure he'll get back at us ...
 Arriving at the palace, Sesshomaru took revenge by shooting the boys in a cold bath in the fountain's central lake.