Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

10. Tenseiga Saves

 The youkai Minomoto laughed when he heard the sound of Sesshoumaru challenge, but nevertheless decided to accept.
- Not a big deal, but I'll have even more prestige when everyone knows that I killed the prince of youkai, well, I'll accept your offer, but keep in mind that you will die.

  Sesshoumaru was determined to fight for two reasons: the first was that he would die to find Kiara and the other was to become stronger to defeat Minomoto. Bakusaiga drew his sword and began to fight the youkai. At first, it was something balanced, but soon the battle gained momentum in favor of Minomoto, which would cast off Sesshoumaru then.
  But the sword that could save lives, Tenseiga, saved from death and defeated youkai Minomoto yourself. Sesshoumaru was too hurt and it implied in his recovery because he was alone and helpless, he no longer had a wife to care for him nor love of children, so he had to fend for himself.
- Tenseiga, why did you save me? You should have let me die.

  The sword vibrated around his waist as a response, but Sesshoumaru did not understand, but he knew that the sword was the principle of saving lives and knew that he was the master of it, so he didnt raged.