Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

End: Brothers Wedding

 Even without courage and driven by parents, Sakura Kaname and decided to marry. Shuyan and Akira became agitated and volunteered to organize the wedding of brothers. They took care of almost everything except clothing and grooms to prepare them for the big day, it would be here two days.
 The bride was nervous on their wedding day, while Kiara straightened her hair and sighed craved every detail. He did not feel good about marrying her own brother.
- Come on, my daughter. I'll be honest: you have taken steps better than Asuka and Akihiro, who were rebels with the decision to Sesshoumaru. After all, the whole kingdom prefers a marriage between brothers, for the same reign lasts forever.
- Thanks for the comfort mother, but that does not lessen my concern ... And if I fall while going to the altar?
- Will all end well ... The day I married your father was also more anxious day of my life, my heart flutters now only remember everything ... Also, do not worry, Sesshoumaru will not let you fall.

  Meanwhile, Sesshoumaru Kaname helped to dress the top of the suit. The boy also feared for marrying her sister.
- Just think that this will be a big day for you. It may sound strange coming from me, but marriage is the moment you join your soul with a loved one living with it forever, so it does not care what others will think, you already have the most important blessings who are your mother and mine.
- How will Sakura will be the father?
- She must be very beautiful ... The only thing I know is that she will wear the dress she wore when Kiara married me, so she must be even more beautiful.

  Everything was ready. Kaname was at the altar, awaiting the arrival of his sister along with Kiara. Behind the scenes, Sakura was Sesshoumaru preparing to enter anxiously.
- Daddy, please do not let me fall.
- I'm here, my daughter, trust me. By the way, you're very pretty.
- Thanks, Dad.
- It's our turn ... Are you ready?

 The girl nodded and joined the company from his father, with Kiara dress: white with silver details at the waist. Her hair was curled and just stuck on the sides by two silver clasps.
 Kaname already had the white suit Sesshoumaru used to marry Kiara and was delighted with the beauty of the bride, who now was no longer his sister, but who would be his wife forever.