Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

05. The First Love Test

   During the morning, Miyoko suddenly awakens from a nightmare caused by the black cloud that was even closer to the castle. With that, her spirit made Ichiro, the guardian of the sword awakened from his sleep, for the sword was near her and all the energy that emanated Miyoko was directly captured by Kuramassa.
- Are you okay, Princess Miyoko? From what I've felt the energy of Midoriko is getting closer.
- Yes, I'm fine, do not worry. - She replied, a little weepy.
- Why are you crying? Did I say something inappropriate?
- Do not worry, Ichiro, is not because of anything you said, it was only because of that nightmare, no biggie. I'm sorry I woke you.

The girl turned away and pretended to be asleep. But Ichiro was not an easy man to deceive therefore made his spirit leave the Kuramassa sword and went to bed the girl, who was allegedly asleep. When you look better, saw she was open-eyed and crying silently, not to draw attention.
 Moved to tears by the kindness of Miyoko, Ichiro knelt beside the bed and dried with a forefinger a tear drop that fell from the eyes of the girl, who was shocked to see the boy beside her.
 - Forgive me for scaring you, me, Ichiro Mikayazaki.
 - Is it really you? How can I trust? You have been imprisoned in the sword naos there are so many, how can you do this? If you do that, you could free itself.
  - It's me, believe me. But even with that I can leave the sword, since I already tried that, but my powers were canceled for Midoriko, because of it she hurt my left eye and I can just make out my soul from the sword, but I can not run away, because I'm stuck at Kuramassa until the day that someone set me free.
 - But why did you leave the sword? Did something happen? Oh, i am sorry for you.
 - I was worried about you. The energy emanating from you is sad, so I decided to see if you were okay.
 - Thank you for your concern, but I'm fine.
 - I still do not trust it too much. Please allow me to spend the night with you, just so that your highness do not feel lonely.
 - It is not necessary, it's okay.
 - But I insist, please, so I'll sleep quietly.
 - If that's what you really want, I can not stop you ... Good night, Ichiro.
 - Good night, Princess Miyoko.

  And throughout the night, Ichiro did not leave the side of Miyoko, being convenient for her, for the energy peaceful and loving atmosphere of the prince left the room lighter and more comfortable for the couple slept together until dawn.