Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

11. Paternal Talk

 Without that Sakura and Kaname knew, Sesshoumaru was listening to the whole conversation as he went down the hall. He waited for the girl left the room and went to talk with his son.
- I heard all the talk of you, Kaname and want to talk about it ...
- I'm sorry for the grief, Dad, I know you did not want that, but it happened, sorry. If you want to punish me, I will accept, but do nothing to Sakura.

  The youkai looked at the boy, put his right hand on his shoulder and said, understandingly:
- I'm not doing anything with Sakura and not with you, is not the first time it happens. You know that Asuka and Akihiro gone through the same situation, however, I had not accepted that yet. Your mother enlightened me and I realized that, after all, might be better marriage between you, because you know each other very well and Kiara and I also know perfectly both parties.

  Kaname looked surprised and asked Sesshoumaru, somewhat suspicious:
- So you mean that if Sakura and I want to get married, can we?
- Yes, and we hope you will be very happy. You will always have our support, whatever the cost. I'm not a rocket science, so both you and others can open up to me without fear, even if I give earful and maybe punish them for something it's because I want what is best for you, for you are mine children above all else.

  The boy then realized it was actually the fact that his father was not angry and began to rely more on youkai. But even making sure that the marriage between him and Sakura does not disturb the relationship with their parents, they had no courage, knowing that it would spread through the kingdom and the family name would, in their view, dishonored.