Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Final Act: Wife´s Love

 Kiara was with the children to the forest to see Sesshoumaru and help bring it back to the palace. When he reached the spot, the other children did not fit in itself happiness and embraced the priestess. She, in turn, went to where the body of her husband. She knelt beside him and let a tear fall.
- Sesshoumaru, my love, all of that was my fault, forgive me. Because of me, you got weakened and vulnerable to others. I did badly during those years and I caused your death, so the least I can do is keep taking care of your body forever ... I love you, my prince youkai.

  At that moment, Inukimi appeared and called Kiara for a brief conversation while Akihiro Yasuhiko and took the body of youkai to the castle.
- Thank you for having changed his mind, Inukimi. So, I will redeem myself tending Sesshomaru forever.
- From what I see you know it was because of me that you came back to life, so I came here to warn you something: this is the last time you revive, so take care of Sesshoumaru that he suffers no more.
- But, ... Inukimi

  The priestess can not ask what I wanted to Inukimi, but felt that she should continue to take care of Sesshoumaru. He returned home accompanied by Ratsune and climbed to where the boy's body. She pulled the top of his kimono and nursed his wounds with love and tenderness. While I was at it, a few tears streamed down her face until they fall on his chest, he was discovered. She was dissatisfied by the death of youkai and still did not accept that he was dead because of it.
  Still, the night was Kiara snuggled in the body of Sesshoumaru and lightly touched his lips before sleeping and after waking up, but nothing would be as before. Now she knew how youkai felt when she was unconscious and felt guilty every second of her life.