Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

07. Kaname Kishikawa Arioto

  Knowing the wishes of Kiara, Prince Sesshoumaru became the reality. A few weeks later, the girl waited contentedly a baby youkai.
- I hope this time will a boy. - He said, hopefully.

  The priestess, however reprimands he had given the boy really wanted that baby was born to take care of him together with her husband. After all, she had missed him and have a baby to care was enormous and more than worrying about the amount of children who have had or still have along the years. Kiara stop thinking about that baby, but she knew that contain the anxiety of Sesshoumaru was not easy, but if fate so willed, they would have as many children as possible.

  Once have completed nine months, the baby was born and to the satisfaction of the youkai prince, was born a boy with black hair, mixing thoroughly the features of the parents, so no one could tell which of the two he had grown fond and received more the name of Kaname Kishikawa Arioto.

  When he grew up, Kaname became a handsome boy, but was not interested in a single issue: marriage. That was something that did not like Kaname, despite being affectionate with the family and with the sisters, he thought he would be betrayed by the fact that some people do not know the loyalty and he gets hurt because of blind and naive love. It was not just that he avoided marriage, but also the girls that wanted a husband.
- Come on, Kaname, you can choose, feel superior. - Takashi tried to persuade his brother.
- I do not want any, Takashi. - Kaname answered - they are all the same, if any man appear even more beautiful, they will run after the man, without consideration or awareness that another person may have fallen for it or will suffer with her ​​departure.