Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

05. Sacrifice with Blood

 Facing the statue of  Sesshoumaru the young Kiara determined to revive her husband somehow. Rolled up the sleeves of her kimono and slit his wrists, letting the blood run down the statue to fall within a vessel, which was at the foot of the monument. Marie tried to stop the madness of the priestess, but failed because the South winds invaded the temple and protected the girl and even North winds managed to avoid her sacrifice.
- Miss Kiara, please stop!

  The priestess did not listen, just kept letting the blood drain, not knowing that coming back to life.

  By far, the blood shed for it was already in effect Sesshoumaru, whose body was vibrating function for the north wind, which brought the essence of blood Kiara to him. Miyuki, who was tending the wounds of his father, did not notice the vibrations of youkai, only noticed when he stood naked upper gi and went in search of Kiara.
- Daddy, you can not go out like that, you should at least put the top of the kimono.
- Do not worry about me, your mother needs me now and I do not have time for this.
- But ...

  Sesshoumaru did not allow Miyuki continued talking, went out the window before she starts a sentence. North winds followed to the temple to stop the sacrifice of the girl.