Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

08. Sakura Kishikawa Arioto

 As predicted, Kiara was pregnant again Sesshoumaru, but it was not a problem for the priestess, just for youkai, she wanted another child, but the dream was lost when the baby was born, was a little girl, with black hair and brown eyes , quiet as Miyuki , sweet as Ratsune, delicate as smart as Kiara and Sesshoumaru. Because it is so delicate, Sesshoumaru gave her the name of Sakura, because when the girl was born timing of sakura trees bloom.
  From tiny, Sakura off the pride of Prince youkai by knowing deftly handling a sword and be agile to apply each stroke. None of her other sisters had this ability, so it was apparent that she had inherited more features Sesshoumaru, because it was sometimes struck by the blow of his daughter. Even being skillful and dearest of Sesshoumaru, the other sisters adored her and siblings too, especially Kaname, who also had combat techniques invincible.

- Let's Sakura! Avoiding the pride of Kaname! - Shuyan screamed for her sister.
- Not so sure, Shuyan. I can win it with one hand tied behind his back. - Kaname spoke convinced a win next.
- Kaname, take care, Sakura will ...

 Yasuhiko could not finish the sentence to alert Kaname, who was overthrown by Sakura with an undergrowth.
- Thanks for trying to warn, Yasuhiko.
- She is very quick to follow.
- Correction: she's not fast, she is treacherous, a second of carelessness you down just for her.
- Want to help Kaname? - Sakura asked, approaching the brother - I'm sorry, but you were careless and I took the chance I had.

 Kaname grabbed Sakura's hand and stood up, smiling at her. He took the girl in his lap and hung on his shoulders, ran through the garden and played in central fountain. She also did not miss the opportunity and pulled him into the back of the source also. Shuyan and Yasuhiko had fun watching the scene from two to Sesshoumaru appear.
- But what does it mean?
- The fault is it, Dad.
- Bullshit! She threw me in the fight while I was distracted and I just paid him back!

 Sesshoumaru could not hold the laughter and said, coming back into the castle:
- You can not have distractions in a fight, Sakura was still nice to you.
- Miserable ... - Kaname said to Sakura, looking at her with an air of false anger.

The girl did not mind the teasing and splashed water on his face, continuing the joke at the source.