Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

11. Faithful Servant

 Gradually, Sesshomaru began to lose his strength. The sight of him was already failing; breathing slower and deeper, trying to get as much oxygen as his lungs could accumulate; hearing impaired and was getting his body temperature was getting lower. The only thing that remained intact it was the smell, which remained sharp.
 By far, one person came running towards Sesshoumaru euphorically, with a handful of water and food for the youkai. When it reached a certain distance and that person confirmed that he was indeed Sesshomaru shouted:
- Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! Are you okay?

 Slowly, Sesshoumaru opened his eyes and saw the figure of Jaken, his servant, was standing beside him, trying not to cry.
- I'm still alive Jaken no reason to cry ... Incidentally, I do not want anything that you brought me, it's too late for me to heal myself. Go away and leave me alone.
- No! - Jaken replied, denying first the desire to Sesshoumaru - How could I let my lord starve a place like this? I will not leave! I will not!
- I am grateful for your usefulness, Jaken, but I want to save everyone from seeing my death. Even if you are my servant for many years and my ally, I do not want your company, thank you.

 That said, Sesshoumaru closed his eyes again on account of weakness, but was still alive. Not enduring see that scene, Jaken wet youkai's mouth with a little water he brought. Even with closed eyes, Sesshoumaru replied:
- I thank you for your loyalty, Jaken and hope you continue to serve my family ... Thanks for everything, my friend ...

 "Friend," a word that Jaken never thought I'd hear the youkai as always, Sesshoumaru treated him with rudeness. But even seeing that the prince was dead, he kept beside him, weeping.
- Even if you're asking me to serve your family, it is the duty of a servant die with his lord and so I'm going to do my duty.