Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

03. Red and Blue Wind

 Kiara decides to find the place where you can save and Sesshoumaru youkai left the care of his daughter Miyuki. Donned her armor and left. He walked aimlessly for a few miles, but then one of the winds appeared to guide her: the west wind. For a moment, she thought of following him, but remembered what Rose had said and stopped, knowing that the wind should follow the North or South wind She sat on the floor and continued to think about the right option.
  However, the South wind crosses the path of the girl and transforms her armor in a red and white kimono and with her ​​sword, Nodachi, emerged a set of bow and arrow, revealing that she should represent wind, which was the even that had changed. It cleared his mind of Kiara, because she now knew what she should follow wind and she also knew that the spirit of the South Wind Rose was due to the color of her clothes.
   Even knowing what was to follow the wind saved by Sesshomaru had his smell and the same care he had with the priestess who ever touched her hair. Soon, she realized that the winds had characteristics of people who knew her, knew that the wind was guarded by East Shimiku, her mother and the West Wind was guarded by Inukimi, mother of Sesshoumaru.
  He followed with faith the north wind, not even one second left Kiara. The blue wind that brought peace to the girl, who felt led by Sesshoumaru every step he took. In moments of danger, which were various, the wind protected and enveloped the priestess, united with the wind it, wind South, who was also present in some sections of the path.