Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

04. Temple of the North Wind

 They were days of walking to reach the desired destination Kiara, but that would be worth at the end. Unless a meter she could see the great temple of the north wind, which was healing from Sesshoumaru. Respectfully she entered and encountered another soul winds: Marie, the Blue Lion youkai.
- Who are you? It is the guardian of the South winds?
- Yes, I'm Kiara.

  Marie's eyes widened in surprise and got the girl well.
- You are the wife of my lord, Sesshoumaru Arioto?
- Yes, I came here to try to restore life to him.
- I see ... So that's why these winds are weak and unprotected ... The place to relive Sesshoumaru is right there: that his statue should be the color of north winds, but filled with blood, so we know if we are protected or not. The only way to revive it is a blood sacrifice before this statue. But it would be a great loss to South winds too. Moreover, we can maintain, do not worry.
- I know that, but I came here to relive Sesshoumaru regardless of the circumstances, so do not stop me Marie.
- But, Miss Kiara ...
- I ask you, Marie, please do not interfere.

  The statue representing Sesshoumaru was huge and clearly depicted every detail of it, as if it were real, stimulating the sacrifice of Kiara. She hugged the statue and felt that every detail was correct: the lines of the face, the facial expression, the lines of his muscles, everything was identical to the original, but that monument was still far from perfect for the priestess, because the heat youkai was what most defined and it did not have that statue, however, this detail did not prevent the girl's desire to sacrifice.