Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Prologue: Asuka Kishikawa Arioto

Just made ​​a promise that Sesshoumaru would never again Kiara, the couple lived in peace and happiness, as soon born another baby, who innocently cause an uproar in the family.

  Each month that passed, the youkai was even more anxious for the baby's birth, it would be a jewel of the family.

  The next day, Kiara was eight months pregnant when the child was born, was a girl with ears atop her head with hair almost white, which was named Asuka Kishikawa Arioto. From tiny, received all the love of her parents and siblings, especially Akihiro, who loved her and always wanted him around.

  The years passed and the girl grew increasingly sweet, gentle and kind, and along with it, also increased the closeness between her and her brother, who were almost never apart. At first, Kiara and Sesshoumaru stared at it as something normal among siblings, but then something changed this thinking, creating great tension within the castle of Arioto.