Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

08. Decision

  - Yes, I do Kiara revive, but this decision is up to me alone.
- So please, mother, Kiara do revive. You know I love you and I will not forgive myself if she died because of me.

  Inukimi Sesshoumaru looked at seriously and said, scolding her son:
- Sesshoumaru, do you think you should not fear death? Do you think that when someone dies she will bring her soul back? Because you know that the life of any living being is exposed to various amounts merchandise without limits. The life of that girl is limited to just one last time to return to this world.
- I know that, Mom. But it was an accident and I would never hurt Kiara by intention.

  The Queen of youkai looked at Sesshoumaru and did not answer. She sat on her throne and thought about the decision to take on that subject.
- The life of a person is delicate and precious, so they are unique and we enjoy happy moments with them before it is too late; Caring for those we love and make that person smile and receive all the love possible is the least we owe do for them. - Inukimi said before leaving for Sesshoumaru - Think about it, then answer me about what I should decide.

  The youkai was gone, but still thinking of the words of his mother, trying to find a meaning behind everything Inukimi said until then, but nothing came to his mind.