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Saturday, August 19, 2017

xx There’s no more escape

- So the photos look like the people here is not coincidence.
- Coincidences do not exist. And the fact that you're here is not by chance too, since I brought you here.
 I froze where I was and took a step back, not taking my eyes off him. Rathal gave a half smile and fixed his eyes on the book in my hands.
- What happened? If you do not believe me, read the whole story.
- I know the whole story and every character of it.
- Then you should not be looking at me like that. Let's go, otherwise you'll catch a cold.
 I took another step back and ran back into the forest. How could I not realize that what was happening to me was the sequence of the story of the book? However, the characters were somewhat different. It was as if they had a personality beyond what I already knew.
 I collided with someone and fell on my back. Looking up, I saw Rathal approaching and helping me to stand up.
- You should not be afraid of me. As you said it yourself, if I wanted to do something, I would have done it.
- Unless you're playing with me
- And I am indeed. There is nowhere to run.
 He grabbed my arm and dragged me along the way to his house as I struggled and screamed, trying to escape. It was useless. Nothing I did would be enough and my strength was ridiculous compared to someone who was not human. Ivory was certainly far away and could not hear me, and even if he could, I doubt he would save me.
 Rathal released me when we were at his house, where I began to feel sleepy and without strength. I staggered toward the door, but my vision was blurred and darkened before I could approach the exit.

 When I finally woke up, I was tied with silver chains to a white marble stone that was even bigger than me. The room was very clear, which even hurt my eyes. My mouth was covered with a piece of cloth and I could not shout so that someone nearby would hear me.
- Good morning, flower of the day. How was your night? I hope this simple room has been enough.
 Rathal was standing in the doorway, with a book in his hands. He walked slowly towards me, but propped the object on a plataform near me. I grunted and struggled, but it was useless and my wrists were starting to ache.
- I must admit I would not want to do any of this with you, but I had no choice. I need your human vital energy to complete my plans for me to become a vampire altogether. And it had to be a girl descended from Ivory's family, which has special may for transformations.
- I'm not related to him!
- Of course you are. Sorenna, you are the reincarnation of his mother, could not be better for my plans. But unfortunately, you deserve to die for a noble purpose, feel honored.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

xx A Book

- Is this some kind of joke?
- And why the hell would I play with that sort of thing? - He looked upset, but restrained himself.- Come on, you had better stay close to us.
- Are you being kind now? What is it? Your mother told you to be nice to the visitor, was it?
- Be squiet and just come. If she brought me to you then it means something important.
 He would not let me say anything else. He simply began to walk through the darkness of the middle of the forest with enviable ease. I had to effort myself  to see better around me and I almost hit him several times on the way because I could not see what was in front of me.
 Soon, we were on a stretch of the path that was illuminated by the moon and where I finally saw something. I was really close to him, and if I took a step a little higher, I would certainly hit my forehead on his back.
- How did you end up there? You were following the map, were not?
 Ivory broke the silence.
- I do not know the way so well to get around by myself.
- I told you the map is fake. Why do not you believe me? You seem to trust Rathal more than you trust me.
- That's because he treated me well since the first time. But you ...
 I did not complete the sentence on purpose. Surely he knew what I was talking about.
- Not everything is always what it seems. Rathal is half vampire, if you do not remember.
- I know. The other half of him is elf. But what does one have to do with the other?
- How long do you think it will take for him to drink every drop of your blood? After all, you are human.
- Do not you think if he wanted to do that he would have done it already? After all, he gave me these clothes and gave me what to eat at his house, then I don't believe he's so evil as you say.
- Rathal is a box of surprises. I would not be surprised if he was playing with his food. Besides, do you really think it was kind of him to give you these clothes?
- Yes...
- If that's what you think ...
 I pulled his arm, making him turning toward me. Ivory did not seem happy that I did it, but I did not care.
- What is the problem?
- What do you have against Rathal? And what do you know to be able to say all this?
- I know more about him than you know. And I've told you all this before, remember? I do not need to repeat more than that. If you do not want to trust me, just see for yourself. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it's unlikely.
- Actually, my ears were not burning by chance, were they? Know that it is lack of courtesy to speak ill of one who is not present to defend himself.
 Rathal was walking toward us calmly, with something in his hands, but by the precarious light I could not see what it was. He smiled at me and looked back at Ivory with a mortal expression.
- Making people feel hatred of others for no apparent reason is a bit childish, do not you think, Ivory?
- And getting in on other people's conversations is even worse. This is something that a refined person would not do.
 Rathal rolled his eyes at him and looked at me again.
- You look tired, Sorenna. You can spend the night at my house if you want. At least I will not let you sleep in the floor.
- I do not want to bother...
- And you will not. In fact, the house will be all yours, since I take advantage of the night to take care of my chores. My skin is sensitive to the sun and so I stay out of the house when the sun goes down.
- If you go with him you'll be signing your death sentence. Besides, only a stupid person would go with him after all I said.
- Did you see! I pointed to Ivory. You always find a way to offend me. Also, between sleeping in the cold and on the floor again, I prefer a ceiling. At least I'll be safe.
 Ivory laughed and started to walk away from us.
- Are you serious? Take the time to say goodbye to every drop of your blood from now on. How dumb you are ... It was good to meet you.
- Do not pay attention on him. You will be in complete safety. Come on, you need to rest and feed yourself right. I can even help you get back home this time.
- Really?
- Yeah. I'll have some free time for that. Besides, I imagine you must miss home.
- A little. But sometimes I feel like I'm part of here.
- That's because this world is a book. And a book you know very well.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

xx Guided by the stars

 My sense of direction was really lousy. With each step I tried to give looking at the map, the more lost I became. The afternoon was falling and my stomach made that raucous noise of hunger again. I picked up the apple and ate, making some of the hunger disappear and kept walking, ignoring the map this time. Already lost, what could get worse?
 I decided to sit near a tree to rest. The sun was setting and something told me that it would not be good to be walking around during the night. My stomach still complained and I ate half of the bread Rathal had given me. The food was running out and I should look for more early tomorrow, otherwise I would be in serious trouble.
 I looked at the book, which was in front of me and I decided to look at its pages, as it was customary to do. It was true that some prints looked like some creatures here, and they really looked like the ones I saw around here. For the first time I stopped to pay attention to them for real and it really was strange. That woman Ivory said to be his mother was somehow like me and he was right: if it was not for the hair, we'd both be identical. It scared me for a moment and left me confused at the same time: how could I not realize this before I came to stop here? What was happening?
- Lost again?
 Rathal startled me as I stepped out from behind the tree I was in. It even looked like he was following me.
- How did you find me?
- I smelled human and came to see what it was. So Ivory kicked you out of his camp, too?
- No, I decided to follow the map you gave me to go home, but I can not guide myself at all and now I'm here.
 He sat down beside me and looked at the book.
- Ivory's mother really looks like you.
- You noticed, too?
- How can you not understand? Everyone who has known his family can see the resemblance.
- Why are you in this book?
- It's a book that humans have made about our world, right? - Rathal looked at me and I nodded. - It's not because you do not believe in a fairy tale that they are not real. Maybe someone who managed to come here recorded everything in book form.
 His hypothesis made sense, but how could a person do that if even I do not know how I got here?
- Do you have any idea who it might be, Rathal?
- None. It could be a human who came here or a creature that went there. - He shrugged, standing up. - Would you like to spend the night at my house?
- Thank you, but I'll keep here.
- Right. Just be careful not to get lost, okay?
- Thanks.
 He walked toward the forest and disappeared completely. I closed the book, after all everything was very confusing now. I kept looking at the sky and at the same stars that guided me to Ivory that time. I really wanted them to help me find the right way to go home.
 I began to hear laughter not far from me and a soft light was in the middle of the trees. I saw a girl dressed in a long, simple dress and long loose hair. She walked through the forest as if to draw my attention.
- Follow me. I heard her say it in my head.
 I looked around and looked at the woman again. I do not think she would do me any harm and so I picked up my things before following her wherever I was going. She walked fast and I had to run not to get lost, but it did not help. I did not see the light anymore and the woman disappeared. He was in a place he did not know again in another forest, not knowing how to get back.
- Anybody there? Please!
- Sorenna? - I knew that voice - Where are you?
- I wanted to know...
 I saw that light again and the woman walking toward me, followed by Ivory, who was again in the shape of an elf. So she disappeared to bring him here? But why? That did not make sense.
"Did she bring you here too?"
"I mean ...- He did not finish the sentence, once he was surprised.
- What is it, Ivory?
- She does not appear to anyone but me. Why did she bring you here?
- I do not know. She just told me to follow her. Why are you so surprised? Who is she?
- She's my mother's ghost.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

xx Made of Ice

 I woke up with the sunshine on my face. I admit that I was not at all comfortable lying on that floor, with absolutely nothing soft. Besides, it was cold all night, because the fire was gone and only the ashes were left there. My back hurt a lot and I struggled to get up. I stretched my muscles for a moment and looked around. I was not really at home, and it saddened me for a moment. The door of the Ivory's house opened and Rathal really was telling the truth about what happened during the day. His eyes were the same, but his hair was brown and his pointy ears were gone. He was really human. He had a reliever on his back and a bow in his hands. 
- You're going to stare at me for a long time, huh? 
 - Look who's talking ...
He did not like my answer and closed the door harder than necessary, without taking his eyes off me. - Do not think I'm going to look for food for you, so I suggest you pack up what to do.

 - I'm going, I'm going ...
I raised my hands in peace and began to walk back into the forest. I was not sure which way to go to find more food, though I did not have many choices at the moment.

It was already entangled in the trees and the only thing I could find was an apple, but that was not enough to kill my hunger. My stomach made a loud and irritating noise and I could not find anything else there. 

- Look who's here ... Sorenna, is not it? 
- Forgot my name?
- Let's just say I do not pay much attention to these things. - Rathal shrugged. - But what are you doing here? I thought you were with Ivory. 
- He told me to find something to eat. He said I should turn around.
 - But of course. He in the human personality is indeed unpleasant. Sending a human like you  looking for food in a place like this is not sweet at all. - He rummaged in a bag he was carrying while he spoke. - Here it is, I think it might help.
I took two packages from his hands and a bottle. 

- Are not you going to need it?
- No way. Keep it.
I did not have time to say anything else, because I did not see him anymore. I approached a tree and opened the packages. In one there were two breads and in the other there were two apples and some blackberries. The bottle was filled with fresh water. I ate only one bread and one more apple and decided to save the rest for later. I did not know if I could get more food on the way, so it would be best to ration it for now. I got up and went back to Ivory's house, where my things were. 

- What happened? You got nothing to eat? You should know that I have nothing to offer here.
He was back, sitting on the floor finishing the last piece of bread that was in his hands. 

- Do not worry about it. - I answered, taking the map and reaching for my book, which Ivory was able to catch first than me. 
- What is written here? I do not recognize these symbols. What kind of spells can you do? 
-It's not spells. It's a storybook that came with me. 
- And why is there a picture of Rathal here? Wait ... Why do you have pictures of several people here? 
- Like for example...? 
- My two forms, the image of my father and my mother ...- he looked at me suspiciously. - What are you up to? 
- I told you I'm not up to anything! It's just a book of fairy tales, they're common in my world. 
- And why such a resemblance?
- I do not know. Do you want to return it? It is very valuable to me and I will not leave without it.
He suddenly looked at me, his eyebrows arched. 

- Are you leaving? 
 - Of course. I know when I'm not welcome somewhere. Besides, I have to go home. 
- Wait.
I looked at him impatiently as I watched him close the book and drop it on his lap. 

- I heard when Rathal asked you how you got here. - Ivory began, and his eyes were still over the book. - And you said it was for the stars of my father and mother. 
-It was those stars, but I did not know they were your parents, Rathal told me that.
- He is right .-  I thought I noticed a certain softness in his tone of voice after that, and then he looked at me softer. - But I've never seen anyone who has been guided by them before. 
- What's that got to do with it? - I asked, impatient that he had not returned my book.
- Maybe you were guided here for some reason.- the book was opened again but on a specific page - You look like my mother's picture, the only difference is that your hair is shorter than hers.
 He looked down, thinking of something. I did not want to know, I did not trust him after all that rudeness with me. I marched toward him and picked up the book, closing it impatiently. Ivory looked startled by my gesture. I made sure that everything I needed was with me and I started to walk away, looking at the map one more time and trying to understand where I was and where I should go. 
- You know you're not going anywhere with this map, are you? And I will not help you. - I could still hear him shout. I didn't pay attention.
  So what if he said the map was fake? Rathal said it wasn't, and I admit to trusting him more than anyone else around here.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

xx Ivory

I greedily ate the fish that Nazca offered me. It was not enough to satisfy my hunger, but anyway it was better than going without eating anything.
- Ivory, will you not eat?
- I'm not hungry, Nazca.
 He got up and walked toward a similar house with the Rathal. Nazca sighed, shaking her head in negative. Apparently it had been repeated before. She left the bonfire and stood up.
- What happened to him?
- This does not concern you, girl. Humans are not able to understand what happens here.
 I had no time to say more. Nazca out faster than a distance away. I was near the fire to warm up and saw a fish there. Without knowing whether or not I went to the house where Ivory was and I knocked on the door.
- Nazca, go away, please.
- She just went ... - I replied, not knowing what to say next. However, the door opened and I saw his cold stare on me and what I had in my hands - Well, maybe you're hungry, so ...
- I'm fine, do not worry about me. You need this fish more than me, as I can see.
 I understood it as an insult, but I kept silent, just staring at the floor and wondering what to say, but the door was closed before I at least realized.

- Do not worry girl, you did nothing wrong.
 That voice. I had already heard before. But what was he doing there? Before I could even turn around to face him, I remembered what that human hunter told me about the fact that the map be false to take me to death.
 Rathal sat by the fire and began to eat the fish that was left.
- Why are you looking at me with that face? I don't survive olny drinking blood, if that's what you are thinking. At least not yet.
- Why did you come here?
- To find out if everything was okay with you. After all, I think someone said that the map I gave you was false.
 How did he know all that?
- It was not Ivory who told me that.
- Yes, it was. Ivory, the human.
- Ivory?
 Rathal looked annoyed.
- What's wrong, girl? I'm not being clear enough for you?
- Hey, do not discount your bad mood on me, okay? I am not resident here to familiarize myself with these things.
- Right, right. - He threw the stick where the fish was in the direction of Ivory's door - That guy is half-human. During the day the hunt as a human hiding in the forest and at night is locked there, playing the whole life out here alone ... By the way, how did you get here?
- Following those two stars.
 Rathal had to work a bit to get to see them, but when he did a smile appeared on his face gently.
- They are really hard to see, only Ivory can find them effortlessly. After all, they are the souls of his parents. I imagine they have guided you here, but do not understand the reason.
- I'm surprised you know all my life, Rathal.
 Ivory was standing with the door open.
- I know more than you think, boy. Do not doubt me.
 Rathal disappeared as quickly as had appeared.
- If you work for him, you'd better get out of here.
- I do not work for it and you should know that.
- It's not because you know what I am you have the right to use this tone with me, human.
- You are also human, Ivory. And I also have a name.
- I have no interest in knowing it; if you will stay here, do not make noise once I'm trying to sleep; if you go away, then go once and for all.
- I do not have the slightest idea of ​​where to go at this time.
- Then be quiet there.
 Again the door is closed before I could answer. Luckily, I will find the way home and leave this place. As much as I like these creatures as well, I see that some are completely different from the stories I'm used to reading. And either Ivory and Nazca were this kind of difference.

Friday, June 17, 2016

xx Shinny Stars

 The night was already falling, and I had not yet found a place to get to sleep until dawn. I did not know how far back it was Rathal home, so I decided to keep moving forward. For a moment I had the impression of walking in circles, since the trees on the road seemed endless. I decided to turn left, penetrated me among more trees.
 I do not know how long I was walking in that direction, but it was enough to make me feel exhausted. I sat at the foot of a tree to catch my breath and looked at the sky for the first time. There were countless stars, which were not different from those of the human world, but seemed brighter. However, the best look, there were two stars together and they could shine even more than the others so that awakened something inside me; a feeling that I did not know exactly where it came from and who made tears come to my eyes unexpectedly.
 I got up and began to follow the direction of those two stars, who attracted me like two magnets. I kept moving through the trees until I see an exit not far from me. Finally I was free and I could see that there was nothing around me except for a light in front of me, exactly in the same direction of the stars. As I approached more and more, I could see that a fire was lit and there were two people there: one, a woman, was sitting, cooking some fish. The other, a boy, was lying down, looking up without realizing what was happening around him. I should proceed? It was clear that they were not human, but not all were hostile, right?
- Your place is far away from here, human.
 The woman spoke to me in a gruff voice that made me freeze. I thought I heard a growl forming in her throat, but the boy was lying interfered. His hair was blue as his eyes, that conveyed indifference.
- Be calm, Nazca.
- You know well that I am not the type to tolerate humans.
- However, she seems lost. And hungry. How did you get here?
- I followed those two stars.
 Once pointed to the two stars, he seemed surprised.
- Few people can see those shining stars. - The voice of Nazca softened - I think you're not an ordinary human, in the end. - Her eyes narrowed - but I'll keep an eye on you.
- Y-Yes - I answered, sitting next to the fire.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

xx Human Hunter

 I admit I did not know where to go. That map was not helping me in any way and again I was getting hungry. Because I was going through some trees, I decided to stop and try to look for some fruits that could satisfy at least part of my hunger.
 I started to climb a tree, which luckily was laden with blackberries ready to be eaten. Over the branches were some birds, which frightened the see me and then flew quickly to another place. I filled the pockets to the maximum before come to the floor and what was my surprise to see a shadow through the trees and an arrow exactly in one of the branches where the birds were. Quickly I jumped back to the ground, grabbed my book and the map and I resumed my walk, eating voraciously blackberries.
 Another arrow stopped centimeters from my ankle and seconds later felt my face touching the grass and my arms being pulled back.
- You simply fright the animals and go away? Who do you think you are? Where are you from?
- My name is Sorenna. I am the human world and I have no idea how I got here.
 Soon I was able to move around and saw a boy with typical clothes hunter, blue eyes and brown hair. There was no elf trace of it, so it certainly should be a human like me.
- You really do not seem to be from here. - He analyzed me carefully - Be more careful out there, they do not usually have compassion with humans.
- So what are you doing here?
- I was born here. Moreover, nobody saw me hunting around here. So if something happens, I know you said something and I will make you pay.
  He did not seem to be joking. I nodded and gulped, taking my book from the floor and resuming my walk.
- You forgot your false map.
- False?
- Of course yes. This map is only taking you to the core of the city of the elves, where any human does not escape alive. Who gave you this?
- It was a half-elf I met, Rathal.
- You should not trust him. At first it may look good, but in fact is a box of surprises.
- How do you know?
- Everyone knows who he is. Many travel several days and nights to find him.
- Why?
- He handles things related to magic and alchemy also. However, his specialty is undoubtedly the magic. They say he tries today become a full vampire, like his father, and completely forget the essence of his mother ... Well, these are just empty rumors, I can not say anything for sure, because I have no connection with him.
 That information didn't care for me. The only thing still pounding in my head was the fact that the map was false and I was being led to my death. However, if it were really so, he let me walk around with my pajamas from the human world.
- Are you sure of what you're saying?
- Of course yes. - He looked at me with rage - I know the surroundings like the back of my hand.
 He left me alone in the same instant, looking angry and offended. Unfortunately, I did not see where he was, so I was alone and not knowing where to go or how to get home again.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

xx Falling in a Dream

 I woke up in the middle of a plain covered by a soft, green lawn, near a small river that quietly passed with its crystal clear and pure waters. I do not know where I was, but the place brought me a strange sense of comfort and a vague sense of having been here before, however I did not know where I was. I was still in my blue flannel pajamas and my fuzzy slippers.
 I took the grass that was in my clothes and started walking following the course of the river by the end of the plain, where there was a completely detached house with smoke coming out the chimney and bringing with it the smell of something being roasted.
 My stomach made a sound completely known, but I would not knock on someone's door I even knew who to ask for something to eat ... Or maybe should I? I walked in the direction of the house quietly, listening for any sign of who lived there, but to no avail. The silence and peace, maybe should just be only one person who lives there. I stopped in front of the door and thought about knock because hunger was becoming unbearable, however, something made me hesitate.
 I lowered my hand, defeated and turned on my back and began to walk back to the river. Maybe find the way back home somehow.
- Hey, human!
 He was talking to me? I looked around and saw no one but me, so I looked back.
 A long blond haired boy, gray eyes and the body covered with a dark gray robe was walking toward me. He seemed really familiar to me, but could not remember where. I was surprised at the way he had called me, after his appearance was human to me.
- What are you doing here?
- I do not know. I was at home and suddenly woke up near the river.
 He smiled quietly, but I did not understand the reason.
- Come. You must be hungry.
 I hesitated as I saw him walking, however, to remember the smell of food coming from his house, I began to follow him as soon as I could. A rather strong breeze blew, taking off his hood, revealing pointed ears that I knew well. I soon understood the reason why he called me "human".
- You're an elf, right?
- Half of me is elf. The other half comes from my father, who was vampire.
- I've never seen a combination like this before.
- And since when you have contact with elves?
- Since when I was a child.
 He looked at me quickly.
- The most common types born of humans and elves relationship. Fortunately I am the only one who had a different destination.
- Why do you say "fortunately"?
- For those who are half human are destinated to suffering for the rest of life. They are hated by humans and rejected by the elves, as they are considered weak. I, on the other hand, are seen and treated as a full elf, for good or bad my two halves are mystical.
 He did not say anything after that. Just opened the door and let me in.
- You can wait here, but try not to touch anything.
 There was a bookcase that stretched across the wall with a plethora of books on various subjects, however, mostly it consisted of books of magic and alchemy.
 Soon, he appeared with a plate containing pieces of roasted meat and soup. While I ate, he just walked from one side to the other in the house, seeming to search for something.
- I just realized I do not know your name. Mine is Sorenna.
- And for what reason my name matter?
- If I do not know your name, as I will call you?
- My name is Rathal.
 He came up with some folded clothes and a pair of boots in my direction, looking critically at my pajamas.
- I think you will need that.
 I went to a room where he was appointed and, to my surprise, it was the perfect size. The suit was brown and green made of cotton and brown boots made of leather. I did not know why he had women's clothes at home, but they were very useful now.
 When I left the room, Rathal took my pajamas and threw it away.
- Why did you do it?
- You're already with other clothes, right? You do not need it, unless you want to die. Your human smell can not be camouflaged completely nor with an outfit from my mother. Anyway, you'll be sure to find the way back to your home.
 He gave me a map, but it did not help me much, since I'm bad guiding me with things like that. Anyway, I thanked and again walked back to the edge of the river, looking at the map and trying to find my way back to home.
 As retraced the path by which I followed before, I saw something on the ground almost in the same place where I woke up. It was my storybook, which was open at any page. When I bend down to pick it up, I saw the picture that was in one of the pages looked like Rathal that somehow that left me puzzled. I closed it and walked on to wherever it was.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

xx Once upon a Time

"Once upon a time in a land far away, a warrior elf who fell in love with a human princess. The princess also fell in love with elf and they got married and had a beautiful son.
 And everyone lived happily ever after."

 No, they didn't live happily ever after.
 Ivory knew better than anyone that his story was not happy for so long - if ever there was a happy time -. He never met his mother and did not remember much of his father, since he died when Ivory was a child. There was only one person who had care of him until he becomes a man and her name was Nazca. She was the one who did not mind the fact that he is half-human, but the others condemned him. During the day, he just went out to hunt something to eat and was locked at home until nightfall, when he could get some fresh air.
- You need to take the reins of your life, Ivory. Since when Albion lost you turned into someone else.
- What do you want me to do, Nazca?
- You have completed 150 years and became a man. You need to think what to do going forward. You are a skilled archer and is young, is willing to venture out there and become a warrior like your father.
  Ivory laughed.
- What's the fun?
- Thinking now, it's really strange that you have taken care of me and still be worrying about me and you hate human and I have their blood.
- I did not hate humans to before happen what happened to your father. Just spent hate them after he was dead even though you were in the world and needed him as a child. They are selfish and arrogant, do not understand the feelings of anyone; so I want you be careful about them.
- That's ridiculous, Nazca. I can not walk away from one of my races. I tend to be like them.
- But you're not. Ivory, you were and still warm and gentle as your father. Your half-elf was always stronger than your human half. You are different from them and can become a full elf if you want.
- I do not want to lose what little I have of my mother. I even had a chance to know her, so I want to stay that way.
  Nazca understand the feelings of Ivory as a big sister should do. However, Cyphea brought woes to Albion from when they first met. The betrayal, war, loss, death. All this because of a human who left the child and her husband alone because of her weakness.
  Ivory lay on the grass, looking up at the starry sky. Two stars shone more than the other and he knew very well why. Nazca felt touched by everything that happened in that family, and especially the pain that lived in the blue eyes of Ivory every night when those two stars shone. She thought she saw a tear on his eyes, but he recovered so quickly that she could not be sure.
- Will someday the things change?
- You have potential for that, Ivory. It's all up to you. I'm sure those two stars want to see you drawing your own way.