Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

xx Ivory

I greedily ate the fish that Nazca offered me. It was not enough to satisfy my hunger, but anyway it was better than going without eating anything.
- Ivory, will you not eat?
- I'm not hungry, Nazca.
 He got up and walked toward a similar house with the Rathal. Nazca sighed, shaking her head in negative. Apparently it had been repeated before. She left the bonfire and stood up.
- What happened to him?
- This does not concern you, girl. Humans are not able to understand what happens here.
 I had no time to say more. Nazca out faster than a distance away. I was near the fire to warm up and saw a fish there. Without knowing whether or not I went to the house where Ivory was and I knocked on the door.
- Nazca, go away, please.
- She just went ... - I replied, not knowing what to say next. However, the door opened and I saw his cold stare on me and what I had in my hands - Well, maybe you're hungry, so ...
- I'm fine, do not worry about me. You need this fish more than me, as I can see.
 I understood it as an insult, but I kept silent, just staring at the floor and wondering what to say, but the door was closed before I at least realized.

- Do not worry girl, you did nothing wrong.
 That voice. I had already heard before. But what was he doing there? Before I could even turn around to face him, I remembered what that human hunter told me about the fact that the map be false to take me to death.
 Rathal sat by the fire and began to eat the fish that was left.
- Why are you looking at me with that face? I don't survive olny drinking blood, if that's what you are thinking. At least not yet.
- Why did you come here?
- To find out if everything was okay with you. After all, I think someone said that the map I gave you was false.
 How did he know all that?
- It was not Ivory who told me that.
- Yes, it was. Ivory, the human.
- Ivory?
 Rathal looked annoyed.
- What's wrong, girl? I'm not being clear enough for you?
- Hey, do not discount your bad mood on me, okay? I am not resident here to familiarize myself with these things.
- Right, right. - He threw the stick where the fish was in the direction of Ivory's door - That guy is half-human. During the day the hunt as a human hiding in the forest and at night is locked there, playing the whole life out here alone ... By the way, how did you get here?
- Following those two stars.
 Rathal had to work a bit to get to see them, but when he did a smile appeared on his face gently.
- They are really hard to see, only Ivory can find them effortlessly. After all, they are the souls of his parents. I imagine they have guided you here, but do not understand the reason.
- I'm surprised you know all my life, Rathal.
 Ivory was standing with the door open.
- I know more than you think, boy. Do not doubt me.
 Rathal disappeared as quickly as had appeared.
- If you work for him, you'd better get out of here.
- I do not work for it and you should know that.
- It's not because you know what I am you have the right to use this tone with me, human.
- You are also human, Ivory. And I also have a name.
- I have no interest in knowing it; if you will stay here, do not make noise once I'm trying to sleep; if you go away, then go once and for all.
- I do not have the slightest idea of ​​where to go at this time.
- Then be quiet there.
 Again the door is closed before I could answer. Luckily, I will find the way home and leave this place. As much as I like these creatures as well, I see that some are completely different from the stories I'm used to reading. And either Ivory and Nazca were this kind of difference.

Friday, June 17, 2016

xx Shinny Stars

 The night was already falling, and I had not yet found a place to get to sleep until dawn. I did not know how far back it was Rathal home, so I decided to keep moving forward. For a moment I had the impression of walking in circles, since the trees on the road seemed endless. I decided to turn left, penetrated me among more trees.
 I do not know how long I was walking in that direction, but it was enough to make me feel exhausted. I sat at the foot of a tree to catch my breath and looked at the sky for the first time. There were countless stars, which were not different from those of the human world, but seemed brighter. However, the best look, there were two stars together and they could shine even more than the others so that awakened something inside me; a feeling that I did not know exactly where it came from and who made tears come to my eyes unexpectedly.
 I got up and began to follow the direction of those two stars, who attracted me like two magnets. I kept moving through the trees until I see an exit not far from me. Finally I was free and I could see that there was nothing around me except for a light in front of me, exactly in the same direction of the stars. As I approached more and more, I could see that a fire was lit and there were two people there: one, a woman, was sitting, cooking some fish. The other, a boy, was lying down, looking up without realizing what was happening around him. I should proceed? It was clear that they were not human, but not all were hostile, right?
- Your place is far away from here, human.
 The woman spoke to me in a gruff voice that made me freeze. I thought I heard a growl forming in her throat, but the boy was lying interfered. His hair was blue as his eyes, that conveyed indifference.
- Be calm, Nazca.
- You know well that I am not the type to tolerate humans.
- However, she seems lost. And hungry. How did you get here?
- I followed those two stars.
 Once pointed to the two stars, he seemed surprised.
- Few people can see those shining stars. - The voice of Nazca softened - I think you're not an ordinary human, in the end. - Her eyes narrowed - but I'll keep an eye on you.
- Y-Yes - I answered, sitting next to the fire.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

xx Human Hunter

 I admit I did not know where to go. That map was not helping me in any way and again I was getting hungry. Because I was going through some trees, I decided to stop and try to look for some fruits that could satisfy at least part of my hunger.
 I started to climb a tree, which luckily was laden with blackberries ready to be eaten. Over the branches were some birds, which frightened the see me and then flew quickly to another place. I filled the pockets to the maximum before come to the floor and what was my surprise to see a shadow through the trees and an arrow exactly in one of the branches where the birds were. Quickly I jumped back to the ground, grabbed my book and the map and I resumed my walk, eating voraciously blackberries.
 Another arrow stopped centimeters from my ankle and seconds later felt my face touching the grass and my arms being pulled back.
- You simply fright the animals and go away? Who do you think you are? Where are you from?
- My name is Sorenna. I am the human world and I have no idea how I got here.
 Soon I was able to move around and saw a boy with typical clothes hunter, blue eyes and brown hair. There was no elf trace of it, so it certainly should be a human like me.
- You really do not seem to be from here. - He analyzed me carefully - Be more careful out there, they do not usually have compassion with humans.
- So what are you doing here?
- I was born here. Moreover, nobody saw me hunting around here. So if something happens, I know you said something and I will make you pay.
  He did not seem to be joking. I nodded and gulped, taking my book from the floor and resuming my walk.
- You forgot your false map.
- False?
- Of course yes. This map is only taking you to the core of the city of the elves, where any human does not escape alive. Who gave you this?
- It was a half-elf I met, Rathal.
- You should not trust him. At first it may look good, but in fact is a box of surprises.
- How do you know?
- Everyone knows who he is. Many travel several days and nights to find him.
- Why?
- He handles things related to magic and alchemy also. However, his specialty is undoubtedly the magic. They say he tries today become a full vampire, like his father, and completely forget the essence of his mother ... Well, these are just empty rumors, I can not say anything for sure, because I have no connection with him.
 That information didn't care for me. The only thing still pounding in my head was the fact that the map was false and I was being led to my death. However, if it were really so, he let me walk around with my pajamas from the human world.
- Are you sure of what you're saying?
- Of course yes. - He looked at me with rage - I know the surroundings like the back of my hand.
 He left me alone in the same instant, looking angry and offended. Unfortunately, I did not see where he was, so I was alone and not knowing where to go or how to get home again.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

xx Falling in a Dream

 I woke up in the middle of a plain covered by a soft, green lawn, near a small river that quietly passed with its crystal clear and pure waters. I do not know where I was, but the place brought me a strange sense of comfort and a vague sense of having been here before, however I did not know where I was. I was still in my blue flannel pajamas and my fuzzy slippers.
 I took the grass that was in my clothes and started walking following the course of the river by the end of the plain, where there was a completely detached house with smoke coming out the chimney and bringing with it the smell of something being roasted.
 My stomach made a sound completely known, but I would not knock on someone's door I even knew who to ask for something to eat ... Or maybe should I? I walked in the direction of the house quietly, listening for any sign of who lived there, but to no avail. The silence and peace, maybe should just be only one person who lives there. I stopped in front of the door and thought about knock because hunger was becoming unbearable, however, something made me hesitate.
 I lowered my hand, defeated and turned on my back and began to walk back to the river. Maybe find the way back home somehow.
- Hey, human!
 He was talking to me? I looked around and saw no one but me, so I looked back.
 A long blond haired boy, gray eyes and the body covered with a dark gray robe was walking toward me. He seemed really familiar to me, but could not remember where. I was surprised at the way he had called me, after his appearance was human to me.
- What are you doing here?
- I do not know. I was at home and suddenly woke up near the river.
 He smiled quietly, but I did not understand the reason.
- Come. You must be hungry.
 I hesitated as I saw him walking, however, to remember the smell of food coming from his house, I began to follow him as soon as I could. A rather strong breeze blew, taking off his hood, revealing pointed ears that I knew well. I soon understood the reason why he called me "human".
- You're an elf, right?
- Half of me is elf. The other half comes from my father, who was vampire.
- I've never seen a combination like this before.
- And since when you have contact with elves?
- Since when I was a child.
 He looked at me quickly.
- The most common types born of humans and elves relationship. Fortunately I am the only one who had a different destination.
- Why do you say "fortunately"?
- For those who are half human are destinated to suffering for the rest of life. They are hated by humans and rejected by the elves, as they are considered weak. I, on the other hand, are seen and treated as a full elf, for good or bad my two halves are mystical.
 He did not say anything after that. Just opened the door and let me in.
- You can wait here, but try not to touch anything.
 There was a bookcase that stretched across the wall with a plethora of books on various subjects, however, mostly it consisted of books of magic and alchemy.
 Soon, he appeared with a plate containing pieces of roasted meat and soup. While I ate, he just walked from one side to the other in the house, seeming to search for something.
- I just realized I do not know your name. Mine is Sorenna.
- And for what reason my name matter?
- If I do not know your name, as I will call you?
- My name is Rathal.
 He came up with some folded clothes and a pair of boots in my direction, looking critically at my pajamas.
- I think you will need that.
 I went to a room where he was appointed and, to my surprise, it was the perfect size. The suit was brown and green made of cotton and brown boots made of leather. I did not know why he had women's clothes at home, but they were very useful now.
 When I left the room, Rathal took my pajamas and threw it away.
- Why did you do it?
- You're already with other clothes, right? You do not need it, unless you want to die. Your human smell can not be camouflaged completely nor with an outfit from my mother. Anyway, you'll be sure to find the way back to your home.
 He gave me a map, but it did not help me much, since I'm bad guiding me with things like that. Anyway, I thanked and again walked back to the edge of the river, looking at the map and trying to find my way back to home.
 As retraced the path by which I followed before, I saw something on the ground almost in the same place where I woke up. It was my storybook, which was open at any page. When I bend down to pick it up, I saw the picture that was in one of the pages looked like Rathal that somehow that left me puzzled. I closed it and walked on to wherever it was.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

xx Once upon a Time

"Once upon a time in a land far away, a warrior elf who fell in love with a human princess. The princess also fell in love with elf and they got married and had a beautiful son.
 And everyone lived happily ever after."

 No, they didn't live happily ever after.
 Ivory knew better than anyone that his story was not happy for so long - if ever there was a happy time -. He never met his mother and did not remember much of his father, since he died when Ivory was a child. There was only one person who had care of him until he becomes a man and her name was Nazca. She was the one who did not mind the fact that he is half-human, but the others condemned him. During the day, he just went out to hunt something to eat and was locked at home until nightfall, when he could get some fresh air.
- You need to take the reins of your life, Ivory. Since when Albion lost you turned into someone else.
- What do you want me to do, Nazca?
- You have completed 150 years and became a man. You need to think what to do going forward. You are a skilled archer and is young, is willing to venture out there and become a warrior like your father.
  Ivory laughed.
- What's the fun?
- Thinking now, it's really strange that you have taken care of me and still be worrying about me and you hate human and I have their blood.
- I did not hate humans to before happen what happened to your father. Just spent hate them after he was dead even though you were in the world and needed him as a child. They are selfish and arrogant, do not understand the feelings of anyone; so I want you be careful about them.
- That's ridiculous, Nazca. I can not walk away from one of my races. I tend to be like them.
- But you're not. Ivory, you were and still warm and gentle as your father. Your half-elf was always stronger than your human half. You are different from them and can become a full elf if you want.
- I do not want to lose what little I have of my mother. I even had a chance to know her, so I want to stay that way.
  Nazca understand the feelings of Ivory as a big sister should do. However, Cyphea brought woes to Albion from when they first met. The betrayal, war, loss, death. All this because of a human who left the child and her husband alone because of her weakness.
  Ivory lay on the grass, looking up at the starry sky. Two stars shone more than the other and he knew very well why. Nazca felt touched by everything that happened in that family, and especially the pain that lived in the blue eyes of Ivory every night when those two stars shone. She thought she saw a tear on his eyes, but he recovered so quickly that she could not be sure.
- Will someday the things change?
- You have potential for that, Ivory. It's all up to you. I'm sure those two stars want to see you drawing your own way.

Monday, June 13, 2016

x Open your Eyes

 Open your eyes.

That's what I always hear when I'm about to sleep since I was child, after my parents have given me a fairy tale book. But this was no ordinary book to me, always I saw something familiar, that brought me comfort when I felt sad and when did not know me what to do. The characters for me were alive and real, and even now at nineteen, I still feel the same.
 I got out of bed when I saw that the clock struck midnight. Like a magnet, the book again attracts me to the desk. I know I've read the same story thousands of times, but what matter? There was something about it that I identified every time I read it.
 Even without lighting the lamp, I knew what was written on every line, every letter, every drawing. Each speaks of the characters was like the voice of an old friend to me. That story was like a past unknown to me. It was as if they were telling my story and I never knew that.
  Unlike other times, I had no desire to read, but to observe the designs of the characters. There were not children's drawings, they were paintings seemed to people that were real. Am I imaginig too much? Perhaps. I guess I'm so used to this book that it is simply a family album.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

ℬєнιη∂ тнє ℱαιяутαℓєѕ ❧


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Saturday, June 11, 2016


- Dr. Oreans, we'll start today with the annual testing of soldiers.
 After long five years finally I got the title doctor to take care of my family, since I could not do it for my father.
- I'm proud of you.
 Axel smiled, sitting in the chair so I could measure their blood pressure.
- Me too.
 I smiled back at him. Suddenly it was as if everything was a dream, but it was not. During those years I did not think I could smile and live like a normal person, but I was wrong. I managed to overcome all traumas and became stronger. I think that survive a war makes us more alive and wiser, since few survive.
 I did not think I'd see the end and all those changes: the end of South Union, the expansion of the Alliance. A new age of peace and hope. But I saw it all happen and was sure we would see more.
 That war became known as "War of the Lament". Really all the lamentations were large, and the losses as well. However, all this was in the past and had become ashes. Pain, suffering, tears, uncertainty. Everything turned into ashes and merely ashes.

Friday, June 10, 2016


 We stopped the car near where the helicopter of the Chancellor was.
- You see that?
 The official car of the Union was already there. This was a problem, because who knows what kind of lies he would invent?
- Let's go.
 Paul followed from inside the Council building. It was actually bigger than I expected. The floor was highly polished, like a mirror, and I could smell different kinds of flowers as we advanced.
- Paul, you know where we're going?
- Yes. I know this place like the back of my hand.
 We stopped abruptly when three Union soldiers pointed their guns at us. However, the look of them was actually in Axel.
- Why are you looking at me like that? It seems you are looking at a ghost.
 I could see the hands of one of them tremble before my brother shoot. Another fell to his knees, throwing the gun away and the other ran down the hall, but Paul shot and he fell.
 At the same moment we heard screams coming from the top floor. Once the elevator was in use, we climbed the stairs quickly, without giving importance to security. As we climbed, the screams increased. Paul was in front, with the firm weapon into fists.
- Go with him. - Axel said, leaning against the wall - I'll stay here in case something happens. They can not see me yet. I want to appear when the time is right.
- To save all, I presume.
 He smiled.
- Go quickly.
 I hurried to reach Paul, who was almost at the door of the room.
- I will not admit it! What they did was steal!
 It was the President who was screaming hysterically that way.
- Why are you so upset, President?
- Because the term they prove the innocence already ended! In addition, this CD was in my main military base; his soldiers invaded my limits!
- Does not matter. If this is a prove, then I have an obligation to see it.
 Something made of glass falls. Paul looked at me and nodded. It was time to enter.
- What is it? Who gave permission for them to come here ?!
 The president of the Union was red in the face, such as a pepper. In trembling hands was a bottle of water broken, he was appointed to the Council president, who smiled to see us.
- Arrived in good time, Alliance soldiers. Your Chancellor told me that you were responsible for gathering it, right?
 We nodded and he continued, heedless of the fact of being threatened by the president of the Union.
- You were the brightest soldiers I have ever seen: dressed as Union soldiers infiltrated without having raised suspicions and still managed to find a way in their security to get get it ... - He was with the CD in the hands - It certainly was something brilliant. Let's see what they got.
- They robbed me! This should be considered a crime of the highest level!
- Not during a war. After all, you also stole the uniform of my army. - The Chancellor interfered.
 The president of the Council ignored the attempts of others to recover the CD and then we could see the images from the security cameras of the arms warehouse and the president's office at the base. Each image, the president of the Union was more mad and desperate.
 No trespassing sign on the stated date. A Union soldier with the Alliance uniform. Axel wearing the uniform to be duped by the President. Another soldier taking pictures of my brother in the warehouse under instructions of the marshal. All conversations of the President in the office. That was what was needed to prove our innocence.
- So that's what happened.
 The Chancellor glared President of the Union with the look.
- Damn! Soldiers like you should be killed, as was the fate of the other two Oreans.
 A knock on the door interrupted the speech of the President and Axel came quietly, leaving him bewildered and taking the rest of sanity he still had.
- It can not be ... - The President put down the glass, which shattered and pointed to my brother, with trembling hands. The color drained from his face, showing terror. - He should have turned ashes! I even burned his corpse!
- But did you check the "corpse"?
 He growled, even fiercer than before.
- You mean you tried to burn the body of a soldier? - The president of the Council was interested - You know this will against the New Agreement, right? As steal uniforms of other countries and forging charges.
 The president of the Union was paler than before and the sweat trickled down his forehead. Apparently he did not know what to say to defend.
- The fault is all of them! If Parliament of the Alliance did not have the idea of ​​separating the South Union none of this would have happened! Because of them my country nearly went into crisis!
- You enslaved us because we can produce more than the other states. People do not deserve it. Moreover, you have always been obsessive and tyrannical. A proof of this is what you did to get back at us. - The Chancellor did not try to hide the anger and disgust, with a mixture of relief for liberation.
 The president of the Council listened to everything carefully and thoughtfully as the Chancellor speak. From time to time he alternated looks for all who were present in the room and finally got up with a role in the apparently important hand.
- I'm actually all that. After everything I saw and heard today, in addition to all that I know from the past, it takes me long to make this decision. However, I do it now. - He held the paper so all we could see - you see it, President?
 The other nodded and the paper was torn then causing him to lose his breath.
- From today the Southern Union no longer exists.
- It can not be. Please, I ask you to reconsider.
- There are no considerations for all that has happened so far. Your position as president is extinguished here and now as well as your life. - The president pressed a special button and Council soldiers appeared, leading the ruler of the Union, which now no longer existed. - Take him to the electric chair, this man has caused sufficient misfortunes to us all.
 He was taken without the strength to say absolutely nothing to defend. Maybe it was because there was nothing to say, since after all what happened that was the best solution for everyone.
- What will happen to the Union?
- It will be added back to the Alliance. - The Chancellor replied. - Both we and the former Union are small and must come together again. However, they will be better now under guardianship on.
- I do not believe it will be something so peaceful. - Axel intervened - must be people who supported the former government and will start a riot. There will be no peace.
- Yes, there will. There is no single person who currently support. Those who did died as soldiers in war. - The Representant said in delivering a sheet - I got this for some time and decided to keep it to an extreme, as today.
 It was a letter with the signature of the majority calling for the end of Southern Union and tyrannical government. I imagine that sometime they should be happy with the new news.
- Once again thank you for the courage and applaud you all for intelligence on the battlefield. Without you, certainly this war would not end. - The Chancellor looked at us - I'm sure Carter Oreans is happy for you wherever you are.
 We nodded proudly.
- But I know that they had instructions from a bright mind like yours, captain. Being still young and with great military experience, I am happy to associate it with the special Army Council as a colonel.
 I saw Paul smiling in a way that I never thought I'd see. It was as if one of his dream had come true. Maybe it was really a dream. He bowed as a sign of gratitude and loyalty.
- You two can have the same promotion if you want. However, you will be agents to infiltration operations, recognition and data access.
 We looked at each other. At first, the only reason we had entered the war was for us to meet again. I could not accept because I had other plans in mind, and one of them was the university and get a job that did not include the carrying of weapons. Axel seemed to understand my situation without words.
- I will accept the offer. - He said, convinced.
- How about you? - The Chancellor was waiting for my answer.
- I can not. I have other plans and just entered this war because of Axel.
 He nodded in a comprehensive manner.
- I understand. You are closer than expected. - He alternated eyes on us and then to the representant. - And what are your plans?
- Enter the university and get a job in addition to general.
- What will you study?
 Axel looked for a moment and remembered my father.
- Medicine.
- I'm glad to say that I can get a job for you. You can work in the medical department of the military base of the Alliance and of the Council in this way you will be close to your tutor and your brother. What do you say?
 I nodded, unable to speak for the emotion that dominated me. Axel and Paul hugged me and I felt complete again. Though he can not take the place of our father, Paul turned out to be a perfect replacement and admit I could not have done any of this without his help.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


 A soldier enters in the room.
- The President wants the two soldiers back to the office immediately.
- They will be released soon.
 The man withdrew.
- You know what to do. From now on the time runs against us because we do not know how long our soldiers will endure. Be quick and unobtrusive.
 Paul wished me luck and delivered a communicator before leaving first.
- Did someone is in the surveillance room?
- No. Actually, that room is just with the the equipment. The guards are in another room.
- It makes no sense.
- I can not understand too. But be careful: this room, even if it is empty, is also monitored by cameras and anything you do they will know.
 I did not understand why. It was just easier to put someone in that room rather than complicate both that way. Anyway, I would have to find a way to turn off that camera before doing anything.
 I left the medical ward and looked around. There was no soldier even wandering the halls and no camera. Maybe because no soldiers were there often, only the highest political people.
 Follow the path back to find that room. To my surprise, there were security cameras on all four sides of the aisle in order to accurately capture the door of that room and the person who came there. I put my hands in the pockets and turned toward the exit, as they could not get in that way.
- Rena, answer.
- What happened?
- Did you enter into the room?
-There cameras of the four sides of the aisle. I'm thinking about how to disable them first.
- Be careful. From any angle you try they will not lose sight of you.
- I think I'll need to do something extreme, Paul.
- Do not rush. Go back to the medical wing, as if you were feeling ill and change path. Try to follow the camera cables and disable them one by one as soon as I give the signal. I'm with the President in the room where the guards are, so wait for me.
- I will have little time to act.
- Yes. So be quick. Also, we do not have time to waste here.
 I hung up. I turned and ran back down the hallway cameras, putting hands in the mouth and stomach, as Paul had instructed me. I could see where the four cameras wires were and happily followed the ward doctor.
 Making sure to have vanished from surveillance cameras, I continued following the wires, always looking around to make sure I was alone. The wire ended in a panel on the walls where they had five buttons. Certainly the last button was to disable the camera that was inside the room. I waited with my trembling hands and my legs ready to run back to that room.
- Rena, are you there?
- Yes.
- When the count of three, get ready. One, two... Three!
 I deactivated the five cameras and heard the shrill sound of an alarm. I ran as fast as I could and flew until the corridors to get in that room.
- They saw that the cameras are not working, quickly!
- I'm already here.
 Their security system was not as complicated as I imagined. I remember when my father taught us to break into these systems and this was like what the Alliance engineers had built years ago when the Union still dominated.
 I found a CD to record the images. Three minutes of waiting. That could be fatal, since I was hearing footsteps coming from upstairs to downstairs.
- Paul, what's going on there?
- They're looking for the error of the cameras by the computer, but are sending two soldiers behind you. After all, the last person who went through the cameras before they were disabled was you, so be quick or it would fail.
 The time was reduced to one minute.
 Forty seconds.
 The steps of the hall soldiers were louder.
 Twenty seconds.
- Look! The panel was off.
- We need to get him before.
 Chills roamed my pimples. More ten seconds, just ten seconds.
- Rena, when you finish run to the main gate and wait for me. I'm going to the infirmary to tell to Marcus that it's time to run. Let's get out of here.
- It's ok.
 It was finally completed. However, the steps were very close to me. There was not sure to escape unseen. I put the CD in my pocket and looked for the pistol I had brought. Fortunately it was with me.
 I opened the room door and the first thing I saw was a shot through millimeters from me.
- What were you doing there?
 Another shot. This time my cap fell and they saw me.
- It's an invasor!
 I quickly shoot and start running. At this time the hall seemed so long ... I thought I could not get out of there alive with the rain of shots that were behind me.
- Rena, we're here.
- I'm coming.
 I rolled to the right as I walked through the exit to escape from the gunfire, but was hit in the arm I used to shoot. I dropped the gun and pawned my best to reach the entrance, where the two were waiting for me.
- We'll have to climb, everything is locked up because of alarms.
 They were ahead. With my arm like that I was not sure I could climb. However, I would be dead if I did not. It really was not easy, because every time I had to push myself lost more blood and the pain increased.
- Quick, Rena!
 I jumped as soon as I reached the top and rolled, but got up quickly and ran toward the car, that was close. Paul put the key in the ignition and used the top speed to get out before we reached. I looked at the body of Axel and everything was fine. That face ... Yes, it was for him that I had endeavored to get out of there alive.
- Hey!
 I felt a sharp stab of pain in my arm suddenly. Marcus was trying to remove the ammunition without anesthesia.
- Be quiet.
 I could not do anything else. Soon, he could take the bullet off. After having sutured where the shot was lodged, it was as if my arm was brand new, but I knew I could not use the machine gun, but the other pistol that was in the car.

- We're very sorry, sir.
- You are truly incompetent. However, we have something that girl can not ignore. - The President looked at the covered body, feeling triumphant - She will do anything for it, just need to find her.
- What can we do?
- You? Well ... Go to the border between the Western Alliance and wait for them there. - He wrote something quickly and handed it to one of the soldiers - Hand over it and wait for the answer. I want the fact to make clear we are not kidding. Now go.
- Immediately.
- One more thing: Regardless of her answer, bring everything she stole.
- Understood.

 We were still at high speed and not missing a lot to get to the border.
- Paul, I see another car.
- Friend or enemy?
- Enemy.
 He accelerated more and I prepared the gun. However, they did not seem to be willing to attack us on the move. Even if we were in front and accelerating increasingly, they managed to overcome our car without leaving any trace traps or any attempt to block our way.
- What did happen to them?
- Well I wanted to know.
- We are close to the border soon deliver all this to the Chancellor and we will be free.
- And what will happen to the South Union?
- Who knows? The President of the Council is a box of surprises.
 A sudden stop almost threw me out of the car. However, I saw that same car stopped exactly at the border and two soldiers were out, one with a piece of paper in his hands. Certainly they were waiting for us.
 When Paul went down, they pointed to me and made mention to me to approach too.
- Please take care of his body.
- Do not worry.
 I approached, gun in hand, not knowing what to expect. The soldier held the role for me, I read with Paul.
"Rena Oreans,
You stole something from me and I want it back immediately. Nothing you do can save your precious country of the penalty Council, so I suggest you give up and delivered what took for my soldiers.
Needless to say that the body of Axel is with me and I know exactly attachment size that you feel for him. For this reason, if you do not give me everything, absolutely everything that is mine, I will burn the body of this boy without the slightest pity.

I want an immediate response and will not accept changes. "

 I did not need signatures or final considerations to know it was that man. The soldiers were looking at me, waiting for an answer. However, they did not expect was the Paul laughs uncontrollably access.
- What is grace? The girl can put everything to lose because of that soldier.
 He wiped a tear, the result laughter.
- And you will take to answer, Rena?
 It was obvious that I would soon respond.
- I will not return anything.
- I hope you know we're not bluffing when it.
- I know, but I did not put my life at risk and then surrender.
 They seemed surprised.
- This is your final word?
- Yes. I do not regret.
 The other soldier was with a mobile phone in hands and dialed a number, activating the speakerphone so we could hear what was going on.
- What is the final word?
- She denied.
- I hope she does not regret the consequences.
- She says not regret it, sir.
- Great. I'll have to burn his body immediately.
 The President was silent, but the connection was still active. I heard the sound of wheels sliding across the floor and steps. Someone opened a bottle and poured some liquid on the body and then a match was scratched.
- You hear that, Rena Oreans? Say goodbye to your brother for the rest of your life.
- If you feel happy with it. - I replied in the distance.
 I heard a growl coming from him and the connection ended. One of the soldiers whistled and the two who were in the car went out armed, each holding the gun to Paul and me.
- We have no time to waste with you. It's all over here.
 Paul and I throw against them, but not to kill them. One way or another, no soldier was guilty of what was happening and did just that they could no longer use the weapons so we could overcome the border and find the Chancellor.
 We ran to the car and Paul drove to the Parliament.
- I hope it's important, soldiers. I have a big problem on my hands.
- I think we can solve this problem.
 I gave the CD to the Chancellor, whose expression softened and seemed happy and relieved.
- How did you get that? - By the time he had not noticed in our clothes - You are crazy.
- And yet, we did it.
The Chancellor smiled and looked at me.
- You got this?
- With Paul's help.
- You remind me very much your father. It's a pitty that he died that way.
 For a moment I was shocked that he knew what happened. Moreover, the fact that he knew who I was.
- What happened? Ah yes. You may not remember, but your father brought you and your brother here when you were younger ... Speaking of which, where is Axel?
 I could not stop myself. I looked away when he asked that question.
- The Southern Union placed several lies in his head and then ...
- I understand. Well, death no one will be a waste. I'll take this to the Council now.
- You should be careful. The president of the Union is crazy looking for this CD.
- Do not worry about me. I am grateful for what they did and I'm sorry for making you run so many risks.
- It is our duty. - Paul responded with more pride than usual.
 The Chancellor said goodbye with a nod and got into the helicopter. What would we do now?
- We will follow him to the ground.
- What?
- It is not safe. Not while he's away from Council.
 We followed the helicopter of the Chancellor
- We should not take so long to arrive. Rena, take care of the surroundings. That man certainly will not rest until recover the recordings.
- It's all right.
 I took the gun and was going through the sunroof when I hear Paul talk to someone.
- How long will you continue sleeping?
 I looked around. We were all awake, except for the faint body of my brother lying in a rear seat of the car.
- Paul, with whom you are speaking?
- It is not obvious?
- I'm sorry, but no.
- It will not help, Paul. - Marcus intervened - The effect of the anesthetic will take a while to pass, be patient.
- Anesthetic effect, is it? We will see.
 Okay, that to me it was as if they were speaking in some foreing language, because I could not understand. My brother was dead, no use doing anything. And what kind of anesthetic was that? The conversation of course they knew something I did not know and it certainly has to do with Paul's smile before entering the enemy's base.
 The car stopped and the back door opened.
- Marcus, can you take over? I'll wake this "princess" now.
 We continue to walk, but I was afraid that Paul would do with my brother.
- Come on, boy. You've done your sister to despair for long. We need more a soldier here, or else things will be difficult for us.
 He remained still, without moving a muscle. It was true that the body of a dead person would not last so long and Axel was still with a little pink lips, as if he were really asleep. Angry, Paul took one of the bottles of water we had and turned on the face of my brother.
- That's a real waste, Paul!
 I had to hold tight on me sunroof not to fall. It could not be true, he should be dead ... ... I heard the hoarse voice on the communicator.
 Axel sat and choked because of the water.
- You're right. However, you overslept.
He looked sleepily because of the anesthetic. He was alive and well, that was what mattered to me. Tears ran down my face without my noticing, and seemed to fall on his face, he looked up with eyes half closed for clarity.
- Rena.
 With some difficulty Axel managed to get up and go through the sunroof to join me. He wiped my tears smiling and kissed my forehead.
- I'm sorry to bother you. I did not see another way to make you continue the war.
- I must also apologize for making you hurt.
- It's all right. - He showed the wound where he had been shot. I was being healed slowly. - What do we do now, captain?
 Paul handed my gun to him.
- Be assured that there is no sign of the Union there. Looks like we will not take to get to the yields of the Council.
 Axel looked at the floor and I looked at the sky. There was no sign of the enemy so far. The helicopter Chancellor was decreasing, which meant we were close. Which left me with a bad feeling was the fact that the Union was too quiet