Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

07- Miyako Arioto Ryussen

A few months after Akihiro Asuka and returned to Japan, one night the baby was born, she was a girl, gray hair and blue eyes, a girl who appeared to be extremely sweet and delicate. Asuka was delighted with her ​​first child, who was asleep in the lap of Akihiro outfit with a white and pink. As the girl was born in March, she was named Miyako Arioto Ryussen.

When she grew up, she became a beautiful little girl, who had already won a handsome suitor: his name was Orpheus Yatagami, prince of Eastern lands and who was passing through the kingdom of Sesshoumaru when he learned of the birth of Miyako.

  Seeing that Orpheus was a good guy, and Akihiro Asuka agreed to compromise futeramente girl with him on condition that he loved too little. Since he could not stay longer in the land of youkai, it was agreed that he would return here fifteen years, when completed Miyako Seventeen years.

  And so the girl grew up knowing that she was engaged and expecting, day after day, the arrival of her future lover, that she would happy for eternity.