Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

01. Rose, the soul of the Wind

 Unlike previously thought, that wind will bring hope to the nosy young Kiara later that same day. At five in the afternoon, while the priestess picked herbs to care for the wounds of Sesshoumaru, the wind blew again, bringing with him his soul, who was dressed in red and it was a fox, was named Rose. At first, Kiara was startled by the presence of women, but realized it look friendly and said:
- What could I help?
- Are you Kiara Arioto, the wife of Sesshoumaru?
- Yes
- I want to talk to you about your husband.
- What do you know about him?
- Be calm, do not get excited. I am the soul of the wind that heard your wishes and your prayers, so I came to help you.
- I'm sorry ... Yes i need help ... Would you like to join? I'll take care of the wounds of my husband and then we talked.
- Okay, Miss Kiara.

  Rose saw all the care that Kiara had while treating the injuries of Sesshoumaru. The affection that the girl had with him was noticeable and did not escape the watchful eyes of Rose.
- You must have been a very loving wife to him. Sesshoumaru was a lucky man. To each his loss, he regretted his pain for me too and soon I could see that you are very dear to him.
- I was not as good a wife to him. Because of me, he's dead.

  Soon, Kiara told in detail what had happened to Rose and relieved part of her heart crying with one of kimonos favorite Sesshoumaru hands, and pressing it against her face to smell him and soothe her heart of tragedy prince of youkai that was submitted.