Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

12. Mysterious Wake

 Hours after Sesshoumaru died, one of his daughters, Ratsune passes through the forest and hear the lamentations of Jaken, so she decides to see what had happened. Slowly approached and touched the shoulder of youkai sapo crying.
- What happened, Jaken? Something happened ...

  The girl did not realize until then that her father was there, late, cold and injured. However, the strong wind came and brought the smell of Sesshoumaru until Ratsune who was horrified to see the situation from his father. He ran as fast as he could to warn his brothers, who were mourning the death of Kiara.
  Yasuhiko, who was at the door of the room of the parents heard Ratsune get hurried and anxious and asked:
- Why all this anxiety, Ratsune?
- Daddy is dead in the forest! Yasuhiko have to help him!

  The others who had heard also volunteered to help, except Nishihara and Akihiro, who remained beside Kiara, however, were the principal for help.

   As soon as they reached the forest, Yasuhiko took the first steps to find out if Sesshoumaru was in fact alive. It was not. We really were orphans of father and mother. Miyuki, the most sensitive, embraced the cold and bloodied body of his father and wept because she was one of the most loved and the youkai did not admit his loss. But no one had the strength to get Sesshoumaru floor unless the union forces of Akihiro and Yasuhiko.

 Meanwhile, at the palace, the remaining brothers wept not only for the loss of Kiara, but also the loss of Sesshoumaru. However, Akihiro, who was holding the hand of Kiara, who felt she was moving and that her body was reheating. Still in disbelief, he asked that Nishihara hold her mother's hand to see if she felt the same signs it. The young priestess nodded and smiled as Kiara would awaken soon.
- Sesshou ... Maru ... Sesshoumaru, honey ... Where are you? - The priestess opened his eyes slowly, calling for her husband.
- Mom ... You're alive!

  Kiara hugged her two children and then asked about the others who were not present.
- Well .. They are bringing the body of Dad here.
- How so? What happened to your father? I do not hide anything, please.
- Ratsune found the body of the deceased and injured father in the forest along with Jaken, who was crying too.
- So what are you doing here, Akihiro? You should be there helping Yasuhiko bring your father back.
- Nishihara and I are because we're hurt by it have hurt you, Mom.
- Your father was out at that time and he could not control his feelings. Zakuro was dominated his mind. Sesshoumaru can do whatever you want, but it is good or bad your father and can not be abandoned, even by me, I do not have blood ties with him, as he can not abandon us. Now go, your brothers shall be needing you now.

- Come with us, Mom. I know that even though daddy is dead, he will surely feel your presence.