Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

05. Lost in the World

   While his children carried Kiara into the castle, Sesshoumaru continued walking, still possessed by the spirit of his back injury no aimlessly through the world, but with the ambition to eliminate those that disrupted his life in the past: Inuyasha and Inu no Taishou who would be the next targets of the youkai.
   So he put the plan into practice revenge, deciding to attack first the younger brother: Inuyasha. The middle kingdom-youkai was small, so easy to Sesshoumaru wire in there, mainly because the soldiers know Inuyasha Prince of youkai and respect. Interestingly, Inu no Taishou was there too, Sesshoumaru waiting at the door.
- Sesshoumaru? What are you doing here?
- I'm here to stop you two. You were the reason of the time that my life was ruined, and now I want revenge.
  At that same moment, there was an uphill battle and intense, but still managed to win Sesshoumaru his brother and his dad just left because they had the same power.
- What happened to your eyes, Sesshoumaru? Why are they purple?
- None of your business, dad, just worry about your death, it will be soon.

  That battle has intensified even more, causing multiple bruises to both youkai, but by age, Inu no Taishou was more exhausted and weak, losing to Sesshoumaru in a fraction of a second.
- My work here is done, now there is only one person to exterminate me and soon I dominarei these lands and also all be mine soon, no one will stop me and beat me ...