Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

09. Sweet Feeling

 A few weeks later, Inuyasha's brother Sesshomaru appears for a visit and soon decides to participate in a fight that happened between Kaname and Sakura. Seconds after entering the fight, Sakura disarmed him and used the Tetsusaiga to face Kaname with her ​​sword. Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful and was eventually defeated by his brother.
- Congratulations for winning, Kaname.
- This will be the first of many and, my dear sister.
- Do not be so confident about it, it was just a fluke.

  At that moment arrives Shuyan curious to know the end of training and ends up bumping into Kaname, who was still holding Sakura so that it would not fall on the Tetsusaiga and caused him to accidentally kiss his sister. A sweet sentiment took hold of the girl and also took hold of the boy's heart. Shamed, both stopped the kiss with difficulty; Sakura was flushed and Kaname was paralyzed, without having the courage to face the parents because he thought both were furious when in fact both Kiara as Sesshoumaru had already resigned to a possible relationship between siblings.
- Sakura ...
- Kaname ...
- Sorry, did not mean to, I did not expect Shuyan would bump into me, forgive me. - Kaname tried to apologize, dropping Sakura of his arms gently.
- It's okay, do not worry, I know it was just an accident.

   Shuyan rushed to apologize, but Kaname had returned to the room.
- It's okay, Shuyan, he is not angry, you know how it is, do not worry. I'll talk to him.