Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, July 13, 2012

11- InuYasha

 When Sesshomaru thought all problems were gone after the death of Sephiroth, he was wrong, only the torments begin, as the younger brother, InuYasha, would visit him that afternoon.
 - Sesshoumaru, dear, is not that bad, besides, is only now, try to be polite.
 - You do not know, Kiara, that half-youkai is a pest in my life!
 - Do not talk so if InuYasha was really a pest to you, you certainly would have eliminated him, am I right?
 - I admit that, but it is very annoying!
  And at that hour, to despair of Sesshoumaru, one of the guards came to announce the arrival of Inuyasha with his wife, Keiko Yamaguchi called.
  - Oh, my God, oh my God! - Sesshomaru said as he walked down the stairs.
 - Now do not complain later, at least try to be eduado with him.
 - Sesshoumaru! How long have I not seen my older brother! I am very happy to see you and ehonrado after twenty years! - InuYasha grtava, hugging the demon, who was about to take a slap at his brother.
 - I am happy to see you too, Inuyasha ... Please enter ... My regards, Keiko
 - My greetings, Sesshoumaru. - Keiko replied.
  Once we entered the castle Inuyasha Sesshomaru, the first thing he saw was Kiara, awaiting the entry of visitors with a friendly smile.
  - Well, well, I see you have used beautiful, Sesshomaru, what is the name of this?
  Sesshomaru was getting annoyed when Kiara replied politely.
 - I'm not the maid, I am the wife of Sesshomaru, is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. InuYasha too, Keiko-Sama.
  InuYasha, indiscreetly walked over to Kiara and asked, in the ear of the young:
 - How did you do that? Hipinose? Some magic potion? Threats?
 - No - Kiara replied, laughing - say it was love at first sight
 - Oh, yes, of course, sorry.
 - No problems ... Would you like to join us to make a cup of tea?
 - It would be a pleasure - Keiko replied politely.
 - They wanted to join us, please - Sesshomaru said, along with Kiara
  Inuyasha was still awestruck by the fact that he has not yet caught the demon and decided to test the education of Sesshomaru with a question that only the real Sesshomaru would even pose polite and get him by the throat.
 - Then, Sesshomaru, since you're so polite polite and hospitable, how about you let me use your room tonight? After all, as you know, I'll stay here for a week.
 Sesshomaru could not contain himself with the boldness of his younger brother and left the table, taking InuYasha by the throat.
 - You do not think you're being very hander, InuYasha?
 - You are yourself ...
 - What do you mean?
 - I thought it was a clone of you, because I've never seen you so polite and patient as today so I decided to test you.
  The demon did not reply, just returned to take tea beside Kiara.

  Therefore, bedtime came and stayed in the room InuYasha opposite of Sesshoumaru, so that the youkai and Kiara could sleep in peace.