Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

16- Prisoner

 Sesshoumaru growled every word that he said to Hades about Kiara and on her freedom because he wanted to attack the god of the underworld, but for the sake of his wife, the youkai eventually try and control something he would never think to do: talk peacefully with Hades and try to solve that dilemma.
  But Hades was not so easy to talk to, because he did not accept any condition Sesshoumaru, under any circumstances, and he even added:
- I would not sacrifice myself for it if I were you, Sesshomaru.
- What are you talking about?
- I mean that Kiara will give me an heir to my kingdom if I still maintain dies.
- Damn! - Sesshoumaru yelled, attacking with sword Tokijin Hades without remembering that Kiara would suffer for it later.

  As stated earlier, before the youkai approaching, Hades took the body of Kiara and put it in front of him, for so Sesshomaru would accidentally injuring Kiara, but he would learn the lesson that one should never lift a sword against a powerful god like him.
  Fortunately, the youkai managed to contain the blow of the sword a few centimeters breast Kiara.
- Kill her, Sesshoumaru, you will accept that this woman alive after betray you?

  Soon, Sesshoumaru raised his sword again and struck a blow at Kiara, but that did not hurt the girl, just cut the chains that bound her to Hades and fled with her in his arms, never looking back until they return safely to the castle back.