Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, July 9, 2012

08- Potion

After the victory of pride Nishihara, demand for services increased priestess of Kiara, because for some reason, several Demons had entered the kingdom of Sesshomaru and they poisoned some villagers.
  Until one day the girl had been called to heal an old woman who lived many years in the realm of the demon. Once cured, the old woman thanked and rewarded the girl with a bottle containing a potion inside.
 - I think you will enjoy this potion, Miss Kiara.
 - No need to reward myself, I'm happy just to be able to heal you.
 - But I insist, take it.
 - Thanks, but what this potion is so special?
 - This potion can turn you into a demon, just as the Lord Sesshoumaru.
 - But, as you know this is my biggest wish?
 - My dear, I'm eighty years old and accompanied the whole progress of this kingdom and the marriage of you two, moreover, that desire is visible in your eyes, as is visible in the eyes of Sesshoumaru, but it does not take a chance on losing your company.
  Kiara looked at the bottle of potion that was on her hands and thought about the old woman had said, and smiled to know that Sesshomaru also wanted to see her as a demon. Full of hope, she asked:
 - If I drink this potion, I will continue with my powers of priestess?
 - Of course, little will change, you'll become like the Lord Sesshoumaru: the markings on the face, immortality and the power to take the form of a huge white dog.
 - I promise that I will think carefully in its proposal.
 - Thank again Miss Kiara.
 - Arrange forever.

  Once we arrived at the castle, the girl told Sesshomaru what had happened and he confirmed, hugging and kissing with love Kiara.
 - Kaede's right, see you as a demon and have you forever beside me is my greatest desire, but I always longed for and you do not want to always afraid that any potion can be bad for you.
 - Believe me, dear, I think it will all end well, if not end the way we want, I can undo the effect of the potion.
 - Do you really want that?
 - If that's what you want, dear, then I want.
  The demon looked at her sternly.
 - I wonder if that's what you really want, not for myself but for you it.
 - Yes, Sesshomaru, is all I ever wanted, because I know that with that you suffer no more and so I could always help the inhabitants of his kingdom.
 - You mean "our kingdom."
 - Exactly.
  She would pick up the bottle and take the potion, but the youkai prevented.
 - Let me enjoy the last days I'll have you as a human, tomorrow I'll let you take the potion, I want to keep in mind its smell of human forever.