Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

17- Debit

The next day, as Sesshoumaru was no longer treated like a baby, so he was satisfied, for there was much work to do, for the account of the war, all had been paralyzed and the economic activities of the kingdom should remain active, to avoid a possible crisis.
   But because of the territorial expansion of the kingdom of the demon, squatting on his dominions were constant, so that the guards had a higher number, and Yasuhiko led the guards and Mitsuo led the archers, ensuring greater security and more increased by avoiding qualquuer possible attack, especially knowing that Sephiroth was in the neighborhood.

   Until, one rainy afternoon, a very skillful enter the castle without anyone noticing his presence, and a little carelessness Sesshomaru tried to reach him with an arrow, which belonged to Mitsuo.
  - You mean that you felt would eliminate me with this arrow ridiculous?
  - This was the arrow Mitsuo, but I see that you're immune to any spiritual power, is not it?
  - Yes, I am, but what you want here, their presence in this castle is not welcome, now get out of here before I take here in parts.
  - I'm not afraid of you, dog, moreover, my issue is with Yasuhiko.
  - Yasuhiko just did what I asked, why not go near him, you hear?
   At that moment, Yasuhiko arrived with Ken, Kenji, ready to attack, and Mitsuo, and Akira Nishihara prparadas were to attack, cornering Sephiroth.
  - Lower your arms and let him pass, then return to places of you - Sesshomaru ordered, then along a quarter.
  - But, Dad, you will leave ...
  - Do what I told, do not waste time with this killer of you idiot ... As for you Sephiroth, we have an outstanding debt, do not forget.
   Leaving the window, a voice, by far, echoed:
  - Yes, and I intend soon to pay that debt.