Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

04- Surprise

  After receiving the letter, Sesshomaru began to await the return of his wife day after day, without rest, and also he almost never slept, was anxious as to imagine that Kiara could revive at night and he really wanted to see her again as soon as possible.
 But what the demon did not know was that the girl back to the human world, she would have to have absolute power, which was Shimiku, and she had, but, as Tenseiga was used to cut the servants of the world dead, it would be difficult to return, because the portal that existed for her was gone and just another scam Tenseiga would open it again, which would imply a further communication with her husband, but decided to speak with her daughter, Nishihara, who had inherited the powers of the mother and could reopen the portal.
  That's what Kiara did: nightfall, the girl entered the dreams of her daughter and advised her that caught the Tenseiga of Sesshomaru and make up the Meido Zangetsuha. Later that morning, the girl obeyed, but could not open the Meido, for the sword only obeyed the demon, who knew the secrets to mastering the Tenseiga.
 In order Kiara, little Nishihara took the sword to the castle of her paternal grandfather: Inu no Taishou, who was the former master of Tenseiga.
 - I would like to help, but only Sesshomaru can command Tenseiga, even I, who fiu master this sword can not release the Meido Zangetsuha, only he can, why you do not ask for this attack Sesshoumaru release for you?
 - It turns out that my mother told me not to tell him anything, it is a surprise and I can not say anything.
 - Tomorrow, when Sesshoumaru will agree to pay a visit for him to show me the Meido Zangetsuha libertat and Kiara, ok?
 - Of course! See you tomorrow morning, Grandpa! - Nishihara said, resuming the path of her father's castle.

  The next morning, as promised, Inu no Taishou was in the garden waiting for Sesshoumaru, who was preparing to release the Meido Zangetsuha.
 - Well, as a former teacher of Tenseiga, I wonder if you could master the Meido Zangetsuha correctly.
 - Why now? Many years ago I managed to master this technique and was only now you be interested to know if I mastered properly or not?
 - Enough talk soon and release this attack, I'm in a hurry.
  The demon scowled but obeyed anyway and as soon as the Meido Zangetsuha was released, the soul of Kiara can leave and return to her old body, to the surprise of Sesshoumaru, who turned that frown on a bright smile. With a countless overflowing happiness in his heart, he embraced his wife and gave her a kiss more passionate than the kisses before.
 - I do not believe ... So that was why my father came from? You asked him to come and ask me to invoke the Meido Zangetsuha, my princess, was it?
 - Not exactly ... I asked to take the Tenseiga Nishihara and invoke the attack, but as she failed, she asked to self-Inu no Taishou ... By the way, thank you, Inu no Taishou, to help ... And thank you too, my beautiful little girl!
 - Nothing, Mom!
 - Do not thank me, just did it because I know how Sesshoumaru loves you. - Inu no Taishou said, already walking away.
 - Wait ... - Sesshoumaru said, making Inu no Taishou turning back - Thank you, father.
 - I am always at your disposal, Lord Sesshomaru. - He replied, making a reverence and out.

  Once Inu no Taishou left, Sesshoumaru took Kiara in his arms and carried her inside, followed by Nishihara, which made competition with her father to get more attention from the girl.