Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

10. Kaname´s Confession

 Sakura went up to her brother's room to see what was happening; knocked and waited for Kaname opened. Passed up a time, she hears:
- Come, I know it's you, Sakura.

 The girl came in and shut the door again, but the boy did not move, lying in bed still pondering about the kiss and the feelings that came with it. As she sat on his bed, he got up, but said nothing.
- It's okay, Kaname?
- If I was you think I'd be here, between four walls?
- Hey, calm down, I just asked a question no need to be rude.
- I'm sorry ... It's not even that kiss out of my head, even though it was an accident I'm not going to take things as they were before.
- Do not do drama if this is all because of mom and dad, know that they are not angry.

 Kaname looked deeply into her eyes and put his body on Sakura, saying:
- Come on, Sakura, I felt at that time that it was not just me who felt something else that kiss ...
- I will not lie, I felt, but even so I'm locked in my room ... Kaname ...
- I'm sorry, but I have to take a course that is inside me ...

 The boy approached his face to Sakura, but dared not kiss her, even though he loved her. Climbed off her subtly and apologized again. She, in turn, understood the feelings of her brother and hugged him. Kaname returned the hug and said in her ear:
- I love you, Sakura, not only as a sister, as something else, I always felt that, but I could only be sure after that kiss.

 She smiled and replied, also whispering:
- I always knew that, you're not the only one to have more feeling around here, so do not be afraid to show your love for me.

 As much as they knew about the relationship that Asuka and Akihiro had, they still lacked the courage to relate, even though Sesshoumaru and Kiara accept that, but anyway, they felt ashamed with this family and for this reason, nor youkai nor learned priestess of love between them.