Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, December 7, 2012

09. Answer

 Days later, Sesshoumaru brought with him the answer after carefully analyzing every word of his mother, knowing their meaning, but naively thinking that the answer would bring happiness for him. Inukimi told the hidden meaning of words and finally said what she expected.
- Kiara deserve to live one last time.

  Inukimi carefully analyzed the situation and the meaning of what she said generating controversy between the views of both.
- No, Kiara will not live.

  The youkai looked heartbroken by what she had just heard and went around the world aimlessly, without happiness, without love. But before leaving, Inukimi told him, so he could reflect:
- A person guilty of all this is you, Sesshoumaru, because of your weakness have become something public. If you had this secret hidden, all is well now.

  Sesshomaru did not answer, just gave back and went into a forest not far from his castle, where there lived a dangerous youkai that until then no one had faced before. Had human form, but it was cold and cruel, far more than could be Sesshoumaru and challenged him to a fight, knowing he might die.
- If you will not come back to me, and then come to you, my beloved Kiara. - The boy sighed in the wind, preparing to die too.