Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

† XXVII. ¢σℓ∂ єуєѕ †

- Everything is ready .
  Ethan and Castiel nodded and skirted some tombstones that hid their tall shadows long enough for them to cross to the entrance to the catacomb of sacrifices . Concealed in the shadows and saw the soldiers in training not so alert, but indicated that determination to block the passage and endurance to let strangers enter the second time in the fortress of Emperor of Hell . They walked silently with his hands raised in surrender. The guards exchanged glances and watched the air and surroundings , ensuring that no one was spying on them and broke through to enter the archangels .
   Even from the beginning of the immense stone staircase worn it down to the deepest depths of the damp and you could hear the wailing souls trapped people and to serve the Great Leader . The path provided no proper illumination conditions or for there to be some simple spark of light to illuminate the path , however this was not a problem for them because the lights that emit their wings , however weak they were, they were able to illuminate a few feet ahead and were reflected in the prisoners' cells , groaning and whining asking for help and crying for forgiveness for irrational acts they committed. All that noise soon became unbearable and it made Castiel irritated , causing it kicked the metal door closer to him . The souls fell silent and stood where they were cornered , as if paralyzed and only the eyes were free to move .
   They looked cell by cell, but found no Enma anywhere until they heard a sound and something like whispers coming from the bottom of a dark, narrow hallway . The crying of a child was heard , like the sound of a whip hitting a body and bars of metal being activated . Footsteps could be heard clearly, until the archangels realized they climbed some stairs and disappeared .

   Luke was still held by the power of Lucifer , who sat on the throne peacefully enjoying a glass of red wine and looking at his son with disapproval and contentment simultaneously. General demon wanted to break free , however , the more he tried to get rid of, more energy was sucked out of it and it quieted down for a few minutes .
- Give it up , son . You will not escape unless I decide to let you go .
   The tentacles that bound Luke tightened his throat sharply , causing him to lose a significant portion of oxygen. He growled , glaring menacingly Lucifer and murderer , however , the Emperor of Hell even notice the fury of the prisoner .
   But Luke undid his expression of anger and watched the arrival of Daaths , who were all gathered in the hall glowering at the Emperor , certainly requiring a plausible explanation for the death of Klaus . Lucifer pointed to the general prisoner and said in a monotone :
- If you want revenge , it may do so . Luke was the one who killed your leader , I have nothing to do with it .
   The highest and the muscular Daaths stepped forward and looked at Lucifer with his chin up and fists clenched tightly, which left her knuckles white .
- Do you really think we believe that? We know it was his son who killed him , but we also know that you have permitted such character ! Do not blame the murderer , but his accomplice !
  Lucifer rose from his throne and waved black wings , leaving Daath arrogant with chills and fear , perhaps , have aroused the wrath of the Emperor of Hell . The aristocrat gave a half smirk and poisonous and approached the rebellious enough to feel the energy that this aggressive and terrifying emanating from Lucifer and let asphyxiated .
- So you're implying that I 'm the real killer ?
- N - No, Sir Lucifer. Just want to know how it all began and why your Magnificence did not stop him .
- I should not satisfactions of my behavior for rats like you.
   The Emperor of Hell looked at with contempt and insolent squinted outlined , making the body of Daath being consumed by flames black and be reduced to ashes in a matter of seconds , leaving the other rebellious followers terrified and static .
  One of them stepped forward and puffed out his chest , but soon his pose off brave reduced to nothing as Lucifer leaned over and looked at him with pearly eyes inflamed with anger , which was noticeable in the voice of the great demon .
- Want to be the next to dirty the floor of my hall , boy?
  He gulped and nodded his head, indicating to others that it was time to go there. However , before they could leave, Lucifer closed doors and barred their exit .
- Do you think I'll let them out ? While I do not get rid of all of you my plan will not be realized in full .
   Luke looked at the hostile manner in which gross and Daaths were undergoing and felt even more replusa and hate your tutor. He was still struggling to break free of the tentacles , but was unsuccessful and had her wrists and ankles burned black by the flames of Lucifer .
-Did you like of this, dear child ?
   The general growled and looked to the door behind the throne of Lucifer , that was the way to sacrifice and the catacombs where they came choruses of screams and wails . For what reason Luke could not say , but it was not normal . It was certain that the souls lamented daily, but not that way . Something should be happening and the demon just got to see pure light and bright , slipping into the crack that was in the center of the door near the door handle.