Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

† VI. тнє ємρту єуєѕ ¢σмє αℓινє †

  Castiel came down from heaven soon after the assembly of the Order and that it would be accompanied his brother to the house they had on earth . It was in a neighborhood of high-class , but not the same as Enma lived . It was a white mansion and cream color not fascinated Castiel in any aspect . It was bitter to have been subjected to assist and be required to attend a college of mortals. The archangel had nothing against humans , but he did not want to pretend to be one. For him the human race was somewhat limited and his wings burned trying to break free in less than five minutes saved .
- Frankly , as you can keep the wings all this time ?
- Well , I have no choice . Also burn my wings to be free , but it's all a matter of habit. Well , if you want , this is the time to relieve the stinging .
  Ethan opened wings , which estendeeram like candles in the wind before the dawn and lengthened as if they were stored for centuries . But when the magnificent wings Castiel opened slowly , but with class , they emitted the glow was so intense in the human world that seemed to steal the light of the moon .
- Well , if they know the humans , I think we should go 'home' .
- You are right , tomorrow we have to go to school.

- You never told me you had a brother , Collins - kun .
   Callie led the new student by the school and chatted with Ethan while making numerous questions but without waiting for an answer . The students looked puzzled for Castiel , because nobody has ever seen a person with eyes like the Archangel , a golden alive and aware , but hid his true soul .

  The first class Castiel was the Ryukyu Kobudo ( a martial art that uses the most common weapons of Japan ) . The class teacher when he was called Kamikaze was because he was a Japanese active and demanding , and extremely skilled and ruthless in that sport for years .
  He had a clipboard in his hands that contained the list of attending that class and some students began to call for the demonstration of Kobudo and hence Castiel was included in that call.
  Following the instructions given , the first Kamikaze handed weapon to Castiel .
- Let's see what you can , newbie .
  Castiel nodded and swallowed , however , regained confidence as being an archangel , he had skills to do what he wanted . When wielding the Sai , he felt an electric current passing through it , such as when wielded nunchaku, tonfa , the bo , eku and the kama . The students were shocked and even flashed not to lose any movement even the archangel , who left gaping and instructor dismissed the class , because the introduction was not necessary for him .
  But there was one student who observed the movements of Castiel more closely than others and when he saw the boy leave, she slipped and went into the hall , which was deserted , except for the presence of the two .
- You were right, newbie .
- Thanks, but you should not be in there ... ?
- Victoria . Victoria Evans . Remember me, Castiel ?
   Castiel 's jaw clenched so hard that your face muscles ached . Then the auxiliary Luke was she? Soon he understood why the rest of the Order chose him to help Ethan that mission .
- What an archangel on your level doing here ? Was demoted or desisitu Order ?
- This does not concern you , Victoria . Now get out of my face before I take action .
- You can not do anything while here .
- Want to bet , demon?
  Castiel gripped the throat of Victoria without the piety of the archangels . The girl's eyes widened in fear and lack of oxygen to breathe , because the physical adaptation prevented her from staying alive without any gas.
  It was at that moment the bell rang . Castiel let the girl do not ground catching his breath as he prepared for the general history lesson .

  When it was lunchtime , Castiel was listening to the conversation with some students Ethan deadly when he notices the presence among the chosen people . After a few tries to realize her location , he finally sees : violet light envovlendo a body slightly brittle hair with hazel and gray jeans with a black sweater .
  Realizing that he was being observed , Enma looks around and her violet eyes are golden eyes of Castiel , who watched quietly but carefully . At the same time , she had a feeling of deja - vu that filled the void of her eyes . The apathy and gloom disappeared like magic and violet tone became more intense and brighter , as if they were smiling for the first time in her life. She felt her heart throb of happiness as there was not time and her whole body left the morbid state to transform into a being active again .
  Castiel looked away , but unlike him , Enma felt trapped gaaroto that because something inside her burning with desire to touch him and be near him . She looked at each face of the canteen to find her friend who works as an intern in the administration . When he saw her out alone , Enma ran after her .
- Hallie , I need your help .
- What happened ? Oh , I know that a guy ... What is his name?
- I do not know why I need your help .
- Lucky you that the files have pictures and no one came back from lunch yet. Hurry up , before the Lady Emily come back and see us .