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Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, October 14, 2013

† X. тєαяѕ ƒσя αη∂яєω ℓαωιєтт †

  Enma returned to school the next morning with her ​​health stabilized . This made the competition between Luke and Ethan Archangel continued , this time more defined and intense. Both tried to persuade her whenever possible, but as always she continued with spirit alone and even more closed than before .

  During the time interval , Enma sat in one of the banks that were under a árovre and opened his journal , but has not written anything , she just stared at the pictures she had stored there .
  See those images and remember those moments destroyed the girl inside, but anyway Enma still engrossed in the memories and the good memories that time took her two years ago . Tears streamed from her eyes and Enma did not fight against them .
- What happened ?
  She supreendida out by Luke , who came out to get some fresh air and saw her crying in the distance . Enma wiped the tears as soon as he could.
- Nothing, I'm fine . Just leave me alone .
- A while ago I realized that you are hostile to people just to push them for some reason primary , but you do not want it for real , is not it?
- You're right , but this is something private and no one has to get it.
- Hey , I know what it is. You away from everyone you because of that boy who died two years ago , Andrew Lawiett , is not it ?
  Enma felt the deepest anger at hearing the name of her former boyfriend out of the mouth of someone like Luke Walker . Her violet eyes shining with tears of pain and anger .
- How do you know about it ? Why you do not mind their own business ?
- Hold on , girl.
- I have nothing to talk to you ! Leave me alone !
   Luke grabbed her left arm and placed it on the bench again. Enma again shed tears because I can not be alone and that someone had touched the weakest it again in years.
- Get out of here , Castiel .
- I think the hassle is you , Walker . I want to know what is happening .
- Nothing that interests you .
- Well , I did not come here to waste my time with you. I'm here to talk to Enma in particular.
  The demon slowly pulled away and went back into the school, leaving Castiel to talk privately with Enma .
- Did he hurt you ?
  She shook her head , but without looking at the archangel.
- What do you want ? - Her voice was choked by tears.
- I mean I know why you are suffering so much and have come to ask you to leave Ethan help you overcome the death of Andrew .
- Like you, newbies know this ?
- Well , let's say this is a subject that is still widely spoken in the intervals when you are not present.
  Enma curled up on the bench as an attempt to block the conversation . Realizing this , Castiel sat beside her and put his hand on her hand and meekly tried to continue the conversation with the utmost tenderness that could , for he imagined that the outcome would not be very good.
- I really feel sorry for him and imagine the pain you must be feeling.
- Do not try to fake compassion , please.
- It is false compassion . You heard of a girl named Danielle Harrinton ?
- Yes , she died two years ago , about the same time that Andrew .
- Well, she was the great love of my life since childhood and that day , we started dating . But her family 's car overturned and fell into a river . All who were in the vehicle managed to escape , only she , who was trapped in the wreckage and had cerebral hemorrhage by the impact of her head on the side window of the car .
- I'm sorry for her and for you . But why are you telling me this ?
  Castiel sighed quietly and looked at the girl first .
- Because I know you want to turn people away for fear of getting hurt again and you wanted to know why my file that day . - He paused a long time - but I 'm not like him and never will be . We can be physically similar , but you can not see his reflection in all boys . Andrew is not the only and perfect and I do not want you to get hurt even more trying to be close to me . I'm not the right person for you and think you should try to become familiar with someone who would be true , try to give a chance to Ethan .
- You do not know anything! Danielle died when you did not try to find a person who looked like her? You do not want to fill the void in the heart ?
- I still have this emptiness inside me and I behaved like you for a while too, but then I realized the charm that each person has when you do not try to compare it to another person .
- So you do not really loved her ! If you really love her you will not forget and would not be one second without thinking of her !
- That's why I stopped looking for a second Danielle . I still miss her and my chest hurts often , but I have to continue my life , even if it is missing a part of me .
  Enma did not answer , just walked away quickly from there in disbelief at what he had just heard and heartbroken again by trying to love an archangel who resembled the mortal she loved since early adolescence . Castiel sat there, meditating on the death by which madly in love and the reason he did not want to come back to the human world .