Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, November 1, 2013

† XXVIII. ℓσѕт мємвєя †

  The archangels saw when Victoria took Enma the cell down the hall and when they moved away, they heard cries and sobs of the same cell . Ethan took a step toward the crying, but Castiel held his friend's shoulder making a negative gesture with his head and he retreated . However , Ethan was an archangel with stubborn nature and he went up to see a blonde girl with marks and slight recent whipping trapped on the cold floor of her cell crying silently .
- What happened ?
   She looked up and saw Ethan eyes big and green , which were left with a slight bluish tone as she stared at the blonde Archangel . He swallowed hard and called Castiel , who came to where the fellow was with apparent indifference .
   But this disregard disappeared as soon as he laid eyes on the girl imprisoned . Castiel choked on his own breath and rubbed his eyes to see better. When she realized she was not crazy and neither enxargando more than he should , he regained his voice and said , doubtfully :
- Kira ? Are you for real?
- Castiel ?

   Victoria and Enma were near the exit when the demon looked at the girl and said in a friendly tone :
- They arrive in time to save you , do not worry .
  Enma atonitamente looked at her and suddenly stopped on the bottom step of the staircase . Victoria looked away and opened the door , allowing the prisoner passed the first and in sight of Lucifer , who was still as when he fought Luke , which left both girls shocked . As a sign of respect , Victoria looked away to where were the Daaths but Enma could not stop looking at the emperor . It was impossible to have someone as terrible as assutadora a beauty , but it was catchy at the same time. Lucifer smiled invitingly and reached out to her and she took a step toward him , but then stepped back and looked at Luke , who was with his head bowed and his body hurt .
- Luke !
   She ran towards him and grabbed the demon's face gently and firmly in his hands . Luke tried to touch her but the black tentacles prevented any movement of it .
- I'm sorry for everything .
  Lucifer cursed and came toward the two young , slapping his son's face with brutality and holding the wrist of the girl , who resisted and tried to reach Luke every possible way .
- Boy damn ! Even in this state even dare to measure strength with me ?
- While I'm alive , and yes I think that you will never escape his father .
  The demon nodded his head and several servants covered with black robes appeared and tended to finish the ritual .
  Victoria was close to Luke and watched all the excitement .
- What do you want ? Go on ! Laugh at me ! Take advantage of my suffering !
- I'm not here for that.
- How ?

   Ethan and Castiel tried to open the cell door , but the metal would not yield under the impact of any blow. Inside , Kira tried to damage the hinges and try to remove the bolts , but were unsuccessful . While they thought of a plan , Ethan talked briefly with Castiel .
- Do you know ?
- Yes Kira was a member of the Order and who had mysteriously disappeared before we knew you existed .
- Are you saying that ...
- No. In the beginning we were in six archangels in the Order , but Kira lost and could not find one to replace it .
- What about my place?
- He 's been waiting for you . Our Father told us that soon a special person would join the Order . However , I still do not see that you serve .
   Ethan was offended and left near the companion , noting the cell door with