Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

† XII. тнє тняєє ѕσυℓѕ †

  Three souls were gathered in the vacuum of the universe , before the creation of the Earth and other planets extiem today. One person was Edwards Ravenna , which was distant from the other two men debating some important matter , to judge by the expression of one of them .
  Castiel realized the distraction of the three present and risked it a little closer and soon could hear the cries of one of the boys , who had dark hair and eyes the color of the color of fire .
- And for what reason you have to have absolute power over mortals to come?
- Why do none of you have impartial stance and maturity to it , and I was the oldest of us is my duty to occupy this post.
  Lucifer cursed for a while , until Ravenna interfiriu diplomatically .
- Theos has reason and you can not dispute , Lucifer. You , being the second most wise, should understand and support this decision without complaint . In addition , you will also have the fear of mortals and respect them for eternity .
  Lucifer replied . Just growled and turned away sharply brothers . Ravenna turned to his brother Theos , who accompanied the movements of Lucifer with compassion in his eyes.
- What about me ? What is my role ? If Lucifer owns the underworld , responsible for punishing those who disobey the law and you, Theos , is the one who will forgive them and try them after creation, what role I have to play ?
- Ravenna , you will have the task of balancing the beliefs of mortals in relation to heaven , the angels and me and the belief they have in Lucifer , demons and hell .
- But how will I balance the beliefs ? They are many , I can not speak to each in turn .
  Théos smiled to comfort the doubt and vexation of Ravenna and continued calmly :
- You do not need to talk to them because you will be among them, and be one of them , however you can see their souls and know precisely what they believe more and it will one of the stronger sides . Therefore , you are neutral in this situation , but soon his decision will be charged and it will bring the most important force for both sides . You will be a key part of that will be known as ekstasis .

   Then all became clear to Castiel . Enma was the source of infinite power and true for both sides and the moment she choose Heaven and Hell come . But even then it still was not clear . For what reason an angel and a demon would have to compete for her affections ? Why die when she turned eighteen ?
  He saw another slot not far from him and he dove , encountering some incarnations after Ravenna Edwards .

   Was a girl of curly blond hair and blue eyes who lived in Germany . She called Nadja and lived with his family in a poor neighborhood on the southern tip of the country . The father was a farmer and his mother worked as a seamstress .
  November 17, 1843 . This date was when Nadja turned eighteen and met the son of a family friend who was the same age her. It was a silver-eyed blond boy that his name was Peter .
  That day was also the day she met another traveler boy black hair and violet eyes and called Richard who was present at the celebration of her eighteen years. All were very happy in the small birthday party, but then the boys surrounded her when she was alone and waited for her response .
- I do not want either of you nor credit on neither side . What I want is to stay with the only boy that I love and his name is Stephan .
  At that moment the girl was engaged by the powers of both sides and disappeared .
- Archangels and Demons - the Creator's voice echoed like thunder in the sky - Lucifer and I went on a consensus and decided that every seventeen years a representative from each side should presuadir and find the soul of Ravenna so she joins an Laws and bring the absolute power to Heaven or Hell . She has no more freedom of choice and can no longer have eternal life . So when you go to Earth time moves against you .