Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 19 ❅

 Dylan was looking for Lauren around the woods when she hears the comment about new guards employed at the castle . He strained his ears and stood behind one of the trees to better hear what they had to say .
- This is absurd ! - One of the guards protested - As Queen Elisabeth can rely so heavily on a maid who came out of nowhere ?
- You are right . Just because she has the face of our reliable majesty should not give much freedom for her . Furthermore , the Milenne indicated and said she came as an indication of an ancient kingdom .
- I think this is not such a Lycena flower that smells there , my friend . Elisabeth will still regret having trusted her so much . I heard she is able to control fire and all other elements .
  That was all he needed to hear Dylan . So Lauren was working as a maid Elisabeth ? Well , she was well disguised nothing bad could happen to her, right ? Unless the Queen knows who she is and actually doing it is to be able to eliminate it .

❅ ❅ ❅

   Lycena had much work to do . Elisabeth was not as calm as ever, because Dylan had not appeared even once in days , not to mention that he did not meet her calls . Logo to download all the rage she felt , ice queen gave orders in the new created without pause .
  Lauren esstava already tired of walking to and fro and decided that this was the mometo act. Milenne found her and told her to go to the throne room of the queen, who was infuriated by the delay of the girl.
- I expected more from you ! I can not have confidence that you become useless ? !
- I'm tired of receiving their orders , Elisabeth .
- Who do you think you are to talk to me , a useless girl ? If it were not for me you'd be starving !
  The girl threw the tray on the floor and grabbed a glass of water that was at the next table and poured it on his head , causing red ink let the girl's hair , revealing his true identity . Elisabeth 's eyes widened in astonishment and rose to the throne with a spear in hand .
- I should have recognized you from the start ... Here you are at a disadvantage , Lauren Gray . I'll kill her .
  Lauren took the dagger apron dress and inveighed against the queen , but she was faster and more experienced than the girl , and it left her at a disadvantage . Even with power over the other elements , it still was not enough, because the power of the fire refused to appear.
  They persecuted if attacked fiercely . Elisabeth was a respectable opponent and even with training , Lauren did not reach even one-tenth of the skill and power of the Ice Queen .
  Elisabeth was then that he realized the moment of distraction of rival and attacked her . The dagger was Lauren stop meters away from her , which of course was not good .
- No more fun and games ! Morra, daughter of fire!
  Elisabeth held her by the throat, without offering any gap for Lauren desvencilhasse it. The lack of oxygen was stung her lungs , which made the girl struggling in the air , trying desperately blows when something crossed her mind and body come like a shot of adrenaline.
  Lauren grabbed her wrists and the Queen thought of Dylan , the feeling of wanting to release him . At the same time , the girl's hands were warm and injured wrists Elisabeth , who was forced to drop the girl .
- Damn ... You will pay me for it ! - The Ice Queen roared , completely overcome with anger .
  The plan worked , but she had to face the consequences that would follow. Elisabeth turned into a creature with double the current size , with sharp claws and long hands skeletal and rough . Her body , like the face , were twisted into a figure completely dark and repulsive . A pair of thin and fragile wings appeared on her back , but it certainly does not serve the wings to fly . Lauren held her with one hand and squeezed hard, what more could a little break every bone in the body of the girl.
  The creature smiled , showing his teeth sharp and slightly yellowish .
- This is your end, Gray . I will win and you , as well as around the world will bow at my feet .
- No! You will not get away this time ! I'll do it for Dylan !
- Foolish girl ... He will die soon.