Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

† V. αѕѕємвℓу σƒ тнє αя¢нαηgєℓѕ †

  Ethan was summoned by Heaven for an emergency meeting . He went to the park and has spread its wings peach that were twice his height and took off to the gray-white clouds that were passing , blocking the moonlight . The wind was fierce and this indicated the displeasure of the Creator with the outcome of the mission .
  When he arrived , the other archangels were waiting for him , each in its proper place . The eldest , Daniel , green-eyed , curly haired golden and white wings even more majestic than Ethan's eyes were closed , meditating on something deep and the second most experienced , Haley , with wavy brown hair stuck in a ponytail loose stared at the newcomer with hazel eyes overflowing bitterness , levitating with her rosy wings which were very light and compact .
  To the left of Daniel , was a boy with black hair and eyes the color of honey analyzing some papers and barely noticed the presence of the last archangel there. His name was Castiel , owner of wings with lighter shade of silver. Just to the right was a girl named Nora redhead who was with her ​​orange wings restless and violet eyes focused on the horizon .
  So Ethan took his place at the meeting , all regained their concentration and focused on the main subject.
- Well - Castiel began summarizing the papers in his hand - then begin with a summary of the opera : Our Father is not very pleased with their progress toward achievement of Enma and you should act soon before Luke wins the dispute .
  Ethan was silent and downcast , not even breathe right .
- We're all disappointed , Ethan . You were welcomed by Heaven as a child because we all believe that you had any use for the Order .
- I'm sorry , but she's more unattainable in this age and I wanted to win her trust slowly .
- Turns out Luke Walker is taking advantage of that and is always in front of you , Collins . I think you better start to act quickly if it were not for her mother all would be lost .
  Ethan 's eyes widened in amazement .
- That's right . - Castiel handed him a folder with images filed with the girl of Luke - Luke is using dirty tricks and power that Lucifer gave him conquer Enma and take it into darkness .
- But was told that we could not use our powers to it .
- Demons do not obey the rules and now you can not anymore. Use your skills before that soul is lost forever . - Daniel countered coolly .
- We also found that Luke has a helper in the human world . So nothing fairer than you have help too. - Haley exchanged glances with Daniel and Nora .
- And we decided that one of us would ...
- After reviewing , we decided who will accompany you will be Castiel . - Nora finished .
  Castiel choked on his own breath . He always was the archangel that traced strategies , the brain of the whole Order , not a soldier for missions , especially in the human world .
- You know very well that my position here is irreplaceable , Daniel . I will not take my feet here .
- Yes , you will . We have no chance , Castiel . You are the one who knows the human world better than all of us. You stood by our Father when he created this planet and the entire human race , so I'm relying on you to help Ethan when he needs it.
- I will, but with the condition that ...
- You go to Whiterhill and will pass as a student any , but on earth you will be the older brother Ethan and before that lived ...
- ... in Canada with our uncles and after their death I moved to London , where our parents are today. - Castiel sighed .
- Perfect ! And looking good, you two brothers seem to ... The eye color are the same , is not it?
  Haley and Daniel nodded . Really the two archangels appeared to be brothers and this would facilitate their cover on Earth until the soul of Enma Roberts was with them .