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Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, October 4, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 20 ❅

- That's a lie ! He will not die ! I will not let that happen !
- It will not depend on his will , his fate has already been written and nothing can postpone his death .
  Elisabeth laughed sinister , which made Lauren feel chills and even more afraid than I did before . The powers of the fire back to sleep and none of the other elements worked against the true power of woman ice . She used the power of the air to bring the knife to her hand that was free , but even making deep cuts in the hands of the creature , this rapidamete healed them and felt no pain.

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  Dylan was cornered by the palace guards . Even having the freedom to move around the place, it was forbidden to carry any type of weapon , and when the guards saw him go with a bow and arrows ready to attack , everyone tried to prevent the most he got up Elisabeth . They tried every trick I could , however , the boy was faster and more agile and one by one the soldiers were falling on the floor .
  He ran to where Lauren was , but the door was protected by a thick layer of ice that was unbreakable . As much as he struck the barrier , no use , because there were at least fifty inches of ice between him and the door of the throne room .
- Damn ! Damn !
- You will not go , brother .
  Bryan Whinterland was leaning against a wall near Dylan with his arms crossed behind his head .
- So what do you suggest?
- I ? Absolutely nothing . I'm just saying that our mother is in true form and this implies the indestructibility of the ice barrier . Nobody will be able to break it , just who control fire .
- How can you be so secretive ?
- Call it a talent of mine. - Bryan changed his expression suddenly becoming more serious than normal - in fact , nothing interests me , just want to rule everything was that witch and Lauren will do the dirty work for me .
  Dylan growled and advanced on her brother , completely taken by anger as much cruelty and coldness that lived in the heart of Bryan . The brothers were fiercely attacked , wounding one another with evident feeling until something hits Bryan in the back and the boy turns into ashes .
- Go on !
- How ? I can not break all the ice that is here !
- Use it.
  Arianne left a fire ax at the feet of Dylan and mysteriously disappeared . The boy rubbed his eyes , but he was not dreaming . He concentou all the strength he had , and with one blow , the ice impecia passing the boy disappeared .
  The door was still stuck and would not give in, but to hear the desperate cries of Lauren , he used the ax again, and the door was left along with another thick layer of ice that was on the other side.
- Dylan !
- Lauren !
- Well, well , what have we here ? Arianne come visit me ? It's a shame that none of you will escape from here.
  Dylan lifted the ax and lunged Elisabeth , but nothing happened . The boy was paralyzed and the queen smiled smugly , crunching the bones of the body of Lauren , who has lost his strength.
- You promised you would not do anything against it while I was alive , and if you tried to do something with it , I would pay in her place !
- You are right ... Then I shall kill you first ...
  The boy opened his arms and closed his eyes . A tear trickled from pain in his eyes . Lauren was being liberated from the clutches of the witch and she was in shock by what would witness .
  She saw the pained expression on the face of Dylan and a boost come the girl's body , causing her to run to him and stand between the woman and the boy . I do not want it to end well , can not end well . Lauren thought with all his strength .
  A light broke the ice palace that blinded the witch and the young Lauren Gray turned into a warrior of fire , as was his ancestor . A two-bladed sword made ​​of flame was in her hands , ready for a fatal attack .
- You will not get out of it alive , Elisabeth ! I will not let Dylan die in vain!
  The girl moved on the witch and burned it at some points of the body , such as arms and face, which were even more grotesque than before . The woman tried to attack , but the heat coming from the girl melted the castle and made ​​the atmosphere unpleasant and stifling the ice queen , which weakened the few.
- This ... No. .. It'll be ... So ... - She was panting and extremely weak , but Lauren could not put an end to her life .
- Has raazão . You lost , Mom .
  Dylan grabbed Lauren 's hand and guided the girl's hand lightly up the sword through the body skeletal Elisabeth .
  The woman burst into flames and even turn a small pile of ashes .
- It's over ...
  Before Dylan could finish the sentence , he fell lifeless on the ground , also becoming ashes. Lauren was in despair and tears in their eyes burned with guilt because she felt in the depths of her soul that it was her fault , the heat emanating from her body .
- No! No! No!
- It was his fate , dear .
  Lauren looked to the left and saw that the master of the water was there , looking at her with pity and compassion .
- Why? You can not do anything ?
- Yes, I can bring it back to life , but there is a price .
- Price ?
- You will forget all this and just give the powers to conquer. With Elisabeth out of the way , everything will return to normal and you will come back in time to the time of the sixteenth birthday of you .
  Lauren looked at her body was bright flames and looked at Dylan . Esqucer she did not want any of it and did not want to lose the powers that had just conquered . However , what would she do now? It would just be a freak and no one will ever accept what she had become . With heavy heart , she quickly decided .

❅ ❅ ❅

  The young couple escaped into the garden of the house and there Price , Dylan Lauren Gray asked the girl in dating . She excitedly blurted out tears of happiness and right there , in the snow , sealed the eternal commitment of love . A commitment that would last beyond their mortal life .