Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, October 18, 2013

† XIV. яєνєℓαтισηѕ †

 Enma woke up in her room upset and confused , not knowing how out there and what happened . What else was left frustrated not remember the visions he had at the time of crises . There was something she did not understand , that was why everything happens only when Castiel was near or next to Ethan .
  She looked at the clock that was on the bedside table . Were eleven fifty-seven night . Enma looked down the hall and saw that his parents had fallen asleep and the house lights were completely erased , except for the lamp that was lit it . The girl was sitting on the bed still feeling the warm touch of Castiel in her body .
  Without having anything to do, she lay down on the bed and tried to sleep again , but sleep was completely out of her reach . After a while longer , she closed her eyes again and was falling asleep , but someone knocks on her window .
- What are you doing here ?
- Well , I have two reasons : the first is to see if you were okay .
- And the second ?
- I need you to trust me so that I can reveal the second reason .
  Enma Ethan looked at suspiciously , but remembering the good references that Castiel had over the blond boy , she just nodded and followed him to the porch of her bedroom window .
  Ethan was standing on the railing of the balcony and opened his arms . The girl wanted to stop him , thinking that the archangel was committing a suicidal act , yet he motioned for her to pull away and wait quietly. He jumped and she gasped desperately , but paused when he saw the magnificent wings peach color Ethan open up gently , preventing the fall of the boy. Enma gasped and came , completely enchanted by the white glow that gently emanva body Archangel . He allowed her to touch his wings , which caused him a feeling of well being shown.
- This is true?
  Ethan smiled and reached for her.
- Follow me and you will discover alone .
   Enma let Ethan hold her by the waist and lead her closer to the clouds , where the breeze touching your face with softness and gentleness . They were flying high enough that she could not see over his own house , and saw two people in a secluded grove facing them . She flinched and Ethan plunged in the air as far as the two figures were expecting .
  She descended from the embrace of the angel and saw that the two people who were just waiting for them and Castiel boy Luke , who was sitting in one of the branches of a tree .
- What is happening ? Why are you here ?
  None of them responded . Castiel took a step ahead and let the silver wings free themselves elegantly and steal the brightness of the moon , which overshadowed Enma 's vision for a few seconds , but then let it even more amazed and tempted to also play those silver wings , which were still softer than Ethan .
  Luke came down the tree and turned back to the girl, letting her see the black wings open up with vanity apparent and conveyed a dark energy that contrabalanceava the lights of the two archangels .
- You are ... angels ?
  The demon snorted and growled , unhappy to have been widespread in that classification. Dissatisfied , he flew gently until Enma and wrapped an arm around her shoulder .
- We're not all angels , little girl.
- What?
  Castiel looked at her companion Ethan and added:
- Castiel and I are angels , archangels and Luke actually is a demon .
  Enma froze and looked at length for each of the boys , is startling when Victoria came out of the shadows with his wings open wine color .
- This is Victoria , she is also a demon .
- But why are you here ? Why are revealing what is real for me ?
- Well , you are a descendant of the sister of Lucifer and our Father His soul is the guardian of the mortal and her name is Ravenna Edwards . For years and years that an archangel and a devil are tasked to convince you to go to one side .
- And I 'm special?
- Remember what you saw in their crises and you will know .
  Enma closed his eyes and concentrated . Unexpectedly , all the memories came back to her clear and complete , no more in the form of fragments , and when she saw Theo , her first older brother and Lucifer , his second brother talked about what each one would do after the Creation.
- So the time has come , is not it?
- Yes , and this time you can not postpone your choice . It's Heaven or Hell .
- But take it easy - Castiel interfiriu - You still have a few more days to think about, but your answer has to be given before their eighteenth birthday .
- Until then you will have to endure a little longer.
  Enma nodded and smiled as she now remembered each of them and knew who he really was . She understood why everything is happening like that in her life , but was saddened when he thought he would have to leave her parents and they would have to abandon her life in the mortal world to be able to satisfy the thirst for power of one side , she still did not know what . Much as Heaven would choose the most correct option for her at the same time did not seem as even hell being a place so avoided , might need more help . Anyway , she still had time to think and decide .
- Want to fly a bit ?
- She looks tired .
- I'm ... - She gave a yawn unwanted - ... I'm fine .
- I'll leave it to you , pal.
- Ethan , you know ...
- Come on , she likes you a lot and think it will be a good opportunity for you to be together. - Ethan winked and flew away , followed by the demons , who flew in the opposite direction .
  Castiel involved the girl's waist with one hand and with the other held it , settling it in a gentle way against his chest . Enma rested her head in the space between his shoulder and his neck , letting out a small sigh of happiness .
- Let's take off now .
  Silvery wings Castiel knocked softly , as if they were singing a lullaby to the girl .
- Castiel ...
- Yes ? - He put her closer to him .
- I just want to say I'm glad you're here .
  He smiled contentedly and kissed the top of her head gently .
- I'm even happier to realize one thing ...
- What?
- I never imagined that one day I could fill the void that exists inside me , but when I'm around you , I feel like ...
- ... As if you were my other half gone, the only person who completes me in this world .
  Castiel pulled away gently with sad eyes and Enma , realizing leaned closer and whispered in his ear a brief apology .
- It is not your fault . It's that every time I touch you this way , I feel the most intense urge to touch her ​​lips , however , if I do it just once for just a split second , his soul will be exiled in eternal void suffering from torture Beelzebub , one of the worst set of Lucifer . Furthermore , tenhos other reasons why you do not suffer with me .
  Enma kissed her cheek and cuddled up in the arms of the archangel as sleep had arrived and kept fighting to stay alert and awake.
  When they arrived at the home of Roberts , the archangel Castiel put the girl tenderly in bed and covered . Before leaving , he stared for a moment and he saw how she looked like the beloved Archangel : a deadly Danielle .
  However , even if Enma not arouse the same ardor and passion inside him as Danielle awoke the archangel knew that the girl was only able to fill part of the void he felt and end part of the sadness that overwhelmed him completely. But the obstacle between them was greater than his power to break it , because the love between an angel and a mortal always involves the greatest suffering : death , isolation and loneliness .
- Good evening , my beloved Enma Roberts .
  She sighed as she heard her name being pronounced so so kind and passionate as the way Castiel said . So the death of Andrew passed in the background , because there was someone who could share with her the same thoughts and the same memories , especially now that she remembered everything and everyone . Castiel could make her think better because he always understand and that was one of the major motivations that induced choose heaven However , something deep in your soul.