Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

† XVI. ¢αяє †

- Well , Luke , stop this nonsense of a child !
  Grace was going crazy with the teasing of Luke , however , the nurse was an intermediate kind woman and liked the boys who were in the infirmary as if they were her children .
- Come on , Grace , have long since you do not make a visit .
- Do not touch that , boy .
  The nurse took the bottle that was in the hands of the devil and pasted a tape on the forehead of the boy . He , in turn , smiled as there was not time to work and saw Grace nimbly suture the wounds of the archangel Castiel . This made ​​several grimaces of pain and then when the woman applied local anesthetic that had a strong smell of something he could not say precisely what the pain was gone.
- There you go , my good boy . Just do not meddle with Daath again , ok ?
  Castiel nodded and ready lavantou litter feeling better and partially recovered, but before he reached the exit door , Ethan was being dragged by Enma far. When he was injured, the girl pulled her hand Archangel blond and ran to see what state Castiel was.
- I'm better now , do not worry .
  Ethan approached Luke .
- What was that ?
- Simple, just one of those insects Daath .
- A what ?
  Luke snorted .
- In short : it is a creature that does not fit in any class. Are just annoyances that appear when convenient to them , nothing to worry about , trust me .
  The demon straightened the collar of his jacket and left the infirmary , because seeing how Enma was worried about Castiel 's wounds made ​​him sick , he also had their quotas to achieve dark and he could not waste time with pointless conversations with Archangels because he had a mission to complete and that Lucifer would put pressure on it would be extremely unbearable.
  Before he went through the door , Enma was toward him and thanked him kindly for Luke have helped Castiel . The devil smiled and left the shadows slightly .

  Enma proposed to ask the parents to leave Castiel spend the weekend at her house until it fully heal from injuries . At first , the girl's father did not appreciate the idea , but felt indebted to him for the boy have been hurt in return to protect his daughter .
  The mansion Roberts was early in the high class neighborhood , two blocks from the main avenue . It was one of the most elegant and traditional mansions , painted with cream-colored and silver-plated doors , with a manicured garden and a small fountain where birds sometimes used as a bath . When they arrived , the Honda Civic Black Her mother was in the garage and out of the house you could feel the smell of homemade cookies .
- We , mother .
  Lady Crystal was in the kitchen humming a happy tune when he hears his daughter and goes into the living room where Castiel gets sympathetically , which was unexpected for a woman so busy and famous like her, who seemed at that moment as an ordinary housewife .
- It is a pleasure to know , Mrs. Roberts .
- Do not need much formality can call me Crystal . By the way , the cookies are ready , I hope you like chocolate chips . Enma loves , not , daughter?
- Mother !
  Crystal smiled and went back to the kitchen to take the cookies from the oven .
  Meanwhile , the girl's father kept his silver Honda City garage . When he crossed the front door , ran into the kitchen and family together with Castiel carrying a single suitcase to the room that Enma had indicated.
- Good afternoon , Mr. Roberts . - Castiel smiled sympathetically despite the shock.
  Dr. Jhon mumbled something , but did not respond to compliance with the guy who was coming down the stairs . He approached Enma and whispered something that only she could hear.
- But Dad , what's your problem with it ?
- I will not waste my time with him .
   Enma stared icily her father and left the kitchen dissatisfied , for she knew that something was not told Jhon .

   Castiel was sitting on the roof of the house of Roberts overnight . The anesthetic had lost and the effect his wounds ached unbearably . Besides, what else was left the Archangel frustrated knowing that his injuries would take days to heal , because once a Daath can injure a non-human being , injuries take weeks to heal .
  Another thing that bothered him was the hostility of the father Enma and sinister energy coming from him . There was characteristic of a human whatsoever. Somehow , that antipathy was not by chance. There was something deeper in there and he needed to figure out what it was. He texted Ethan stating the situation and asking him to get in touch with Grace .