Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 17 ❅

  There was no one in the others rooms ended after sunset to sunset . Lauren was recognizing the place slowly , making sure that no one saw her roam the ice palace alone . Some soldiers were monitoring the entrance that separated the girl 's quarters Elisabeth .
  The entrance was tightly guarded at all times and no one could enter without being accompanied or specific authorization of the ice queen . The only people who had access to her room was a maid , her two sons and guards in situations of extreme emergency . Even so , they passed by a detailed review to ensure that anyone carrying anything that could threaten the lives of Elisabeth somehow .
  Lauren retreated to bump into someone who was walking down the aisle .
- Sorry, I ...
- Watch it , girl!
  Her eyes widened when he saw the person who was looking at her angrily . It was the nurse who convinced her to call Dylan . But why Milenne be in a place like that ? Does it also was a prisoner ?
- Lauren ? What are you doing here ?
  The nurse whispered and grabbed the girl by the arm , leading her to a small room that had no windows , only a straw bed with a desk, a wardrobe and a wooden table . Milenne put on the table the tray she was carrying and looked at the girl thoughtfully .
- Why are you here ? You are one of the maids of Ellisabeth , like me ?
- No. I 'm here to ... well ...
- To rid the world of it , is not it? Do not worry, I will not tell anything to her , moreover , for years I try a way to get rid of it forever , and it 'll help .
  Milenne grabbed some clothes in the wardrobe and handed it to Lauren . It was a light gray dress with white lace at the waist and the bar that was accompanied with light gray sneakers and a white apron , protecting the entire front of the dress. The girl wore clothes while the nurse was not and it fit perfectly .
- Now we need a way to your hair.
  She left some hair clips , brushes and sprays on the table . Lauren sat on the chair that was in front of the nurse and she began to work with agility, using sprays to change the color of her hair , which was with red highlights . Then she held them in a bun complex and difficult with many hairpins that for a moment made ​​my head hurt Lauren .
- Okay , is finished ! Here, this is your letter of transfer.
- Letter of transfer ?
- When a maid comes from a castle to another, it has to deliver a letter of transmittal indicating the reasons for it to be forwarded to that place . Starting today while you are in this castle , your name is Lycena .
- Got it . Thanks, Milenne .