Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, October 28, 2013

† XXIV. α¢нιℓℓєѕ' нєєℓ †

One of the grand palace windows shattered by Lucifer out imapcto of a body being thrown against it . The shards of glass stained with blood were scattered across the room like black tiles and sparkling.
  Luke was lying face down on the ground with sharp shards Castle Window buried in his back and his wings . He was wounded in the face several times and the scratches went every right cheek estam bleeding . The devil tried to get up , however , Lucifer appeared like lightning and grabbed his shirt collar .
- You realize how useless is his new power against me ? My vassals can not bring me down and you for being my son , is the most powerless against my strength .
  The emperor of darkness threw his son away , causing him to hit his head against a tree trunk thick, gray and gnarled branches with sharp and dry . Luke growled and increased its power to remove the glass shards and restore your skin again. The boy's wings were covered in ashes and blood , making them sticky and impossibitando him to fly , yet he did not give up . Once reestablished their forces , Luke struck again with enthusiasm and blind hatred of treason, eating away inside.
  Soon , something weighs on your waist and emits a sound serious and quiet at the same time. Luke listened intently noise and remembered the dagger Grace had given him , but he was not very confident about the right time to use the weapon , since it would have only one chance to attack . Still, he could not ponder the matter at that time , since Lucifer was chasing him with violent blows and powers inegualáveis ​​.
- No use to escape , my boy - Lucifer hummed - Dad will soon find you .
  The general knew he could not hide among the trees for a long time. He was weak and Lucifer even had a scratch or showed up sick. The steps of the leader of Hell were coming and Luke gasped , her legs were apprehensive and ready to run again . However , he heard the opponent moving away slowly and the boy was lurking , straining his ears to know when they could come out of hiding .
  When heard no more in the footsteps of Lucifer, he scampered in the shadows following the tracks of the enemy with the dagger prepared for a quick and deadly blow . Luke was getting tired of that game of cat and mouse , and decided to put an end on it, but he knew better than anyone that Lucifer would never miss the cache and it was only a matter of time for the trap of the enemy to reveal itself.
   'Bury the dagger in the heart dark and corrupted Lucifer ' , this is what Grace said .
- As if it were an easy task to do. - Luke muttered to himself as he walked cautiously around the palace in search of the emperor of the underworld .

   Luke walked for a while with keen senses until he saw a shadow creeping quickly and elegantly . His wings fluttered down and stood up , indicating danger nearby . He followed the shadow from a safe distance to the interior of the palace again.
  The shadow stopped suddenly and stood before the throne of Lucifer . Earlier , Luke was in doubt about what to do , but when he saw the face of the emperor , out of the shadows and attacked lightning fast , nailing the dagger in the back of the opponent .
- But what is it?
  Black tentacles rose and involved members of Luke with force , hindering their movements and making the knife slipping away from his grasp.
- Do you really think I could eliminate that easy , Luke ? - Lucifer smiled triumphantly and cynical - I already said that you will not be able to eliminate me . Now that ekstasis is in hell , it is only a matter of time for me to absorb all the power is in her body . Now you will pay for betraying their race .
  Luke swallowed hard , but did not lose the arrogance .
- I did not betray my race ! You should know better than anyone that I was tempted to turn me into what I am today. I'm still a human being and nothing will change that ! You chose me by choice , I never asked to be your son !
  Lucifer looked deep into the boy's eyes and stared at him for a while , that was enough to let Luke uncomfortable. The Emperor shook his head in disgust and disapproval and finally said , in a melancholy voice :
- It really is a waste . You're a guy who would have a bright future in Hell , however, your last human cell spoke louder and you helped Castiel , which is unforgivable . Also, you fumbled the ritual and talked me with arrogance. Luke , you have committed the worst sins that a demon could have done and now , that dagger is YOUR ticket to eternal punishment , unless ... Ah ! But of course ! When the girl gets here , you will have the honor of killing her .
  Luke opened a half smirk .
- Enma is far from your filthy hands , Lucifer.
- No, no ... You did not know? Victoria captured her and everything is in my favor . Furthermore , the archangels will soon try to rescue her and they will also suffer, as well as the entire Order .