Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

† XX. яєтυяηєя †

  The three boys crept through the crowd of demons who were agitated with the pronouncement that Lucifer would soon. The archangels followed Luke disguised as quickly as they could, taking advantage that all eyes were on the way to first-class General Luke . Several whispers could be heard and bustle of demons increased further .
  They went through all the immense hall to find a varnished wooden door that was hidden behind the throne studded with gems of Lucifer . There was nothing he could handle and provide support for them to open the door . Tried to push , but without success .
  Impatient , Luke kicked the door, that princípo seemed to have withstood the blow , but soon fell apart and left up a narrow hallway , dark and dusty . The archangels and the demon walked down that aisle , it looked like a endless maze . As they neared the end of the maze , the archangels shuddered as they realized they were entering a large and frightening catacomb , which contained the remains of the archangels Lucifer tried to bring back to reason and also had the carcasses of the demons who have betrayed Emperor of Hell . It was also the place where Enma was arrested but that they still did not know .

- It's time, girl.
- I'm not leaving .
  Enma was taken from his cell by General with extreme violence and delivered to a high Daath as a stick and Skeletal that led to where the show would start . Before , Enma was obliged to wear a black velvet cloak with large hood that covered almost her entire face except for the chin and mouth .

  The demons were euphoric when Lucifer appeared before them with the same grandeur and obscurity ever. The face was covered by a black mask and gold , a black cloak covering the entire body of the Emperor and the wings were huge and menacing closed behind him . Klaus was beside him , with a huge smile of satisfaction as all Daaths who were among the sea of ​​demons in the hall of the castle gloomy .
- My dear demons - the gravelly voice of Lucifer made ​​everyone be silent immediately - Finally the big day arrived and we have what is rightfully ours and we were so often played on Earth . Thanks to help from partners nosos Daaths , maximum power is in our world and will soon be above all.
  Some demons whispered trying to understand what was happening , but fell silent when Lucifer continued .
- Ekstasis is in my power and in a few minutes the ritual begin. Calm down , my vassals ! Spare your energy for what comes next , because in less than an hour we are who we make laws ! All will be under our command ! - Lucifer spread his wings when he exclaimed , which made his vassals twitch and admire the image of the ruler of the underworld .
- And as to what was agreed? - Klaus was impatient and showed their irritability .
- I have not forgotten the combo - Lucifer continued coolly - When this is over , I will give you half of this power so that they can dominate the sky and take revenge of him that drove them from there.
  Klaus smiled , satisfied and soon Daaths expressed their joy and satisfaction. Lucifer sat on the throne as he watched the servants prepare everything for the final rite , where all the power was granted to ekstasis would be transferred to him in a heartbeat.