Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, October 4, 2013

† ∂ємσηѕ αη∂ αηgєℓѕ: σηє нιѕтσяу †

Oxford, England.

 In one of the counties of England , two young people were distinct personalities united by a supernatural promise . They had no family and did not even know their origins completely . An out embraced by Heaven and Hell by another .
 Luke Walker. Black eyes as the most profound and mysterious abyss. Hair the color of night . Cynical smile and mischievous . Black leather jackets , black jeans and boots polished shabby . This is a brief description of the adopted son of Lucifer that has a mission in the human world to be considered true child of the underworld .
 Ethan Collins . Eyes the color of gold overflowing friendliness and hospitality . Slightly curly dark blonde hair . Gentle and friendly countenance . Light clothing and casual . He was adopted by the angels , and shares a common goal with Luke .

  They have something in common that should unite them , but that actually separates them and gives reasons why they fight constantly.
 The ultimate goal : to bring a human side. However , it is not a human which may be any chosen . Is predestined and chosen your name is Natasha Smith .
 For years now this girl is a key piece for both sides , but the reason is unknown . Therefore , along the reincarnations of it , several emissaries of darkness and light tried to persuade her , but none succeeded . She had always been unattainable for all and now the finest soldiers were sent to Earth .

  It happened on a stormy night , in an ancient cemetery on the night of November 24, 1987 . That was the big day that one of the boys get the girl's soul forever, but the rivalry between the angel and the demon climaxed and they had an intense battle , which cost some tombstones place . Luke was with everything in his favor , however , Ethan down to earth with something fatal. The Star Seal , a power that imprisons the soul of a demon forever in a place full of light and life as punishment.
 Luke was arrested in one of the walls of the cemetery by thick and heavy gold chains that burned his skin . He was chained throughout the body , from the neck to the ankles , through the arms , trunk and legs .
- You will not get rid of me , Collins . Your worst nightmare is going to happen .
  A fierce thunder roared and lightning cut the sky after Luke became unconscious and began to look like an antique sculpture . Ethan felt the hairs on the neck stand on end and a shiver through her body . Even he knew that Luke could not get out of there forever, the angels knew that the power of a demon was dangerous , even if it is inanimate for life .
- Did a good job , Ethan .
  A blonde girl with big blue eyes was behind the angel with its wings open salmon color .
- Whatever , Jade ?
- Natasha Smith just disappeared and I was told that it will come back here 16 years .
- How will it ?
  Jade gave a scroll to Ethan and left in a white light . Angel unrolled the scroll and saw the face she would have in the next life . It was similar to the current , but more delicate . He looked up to heaven and said :
- What is her name now ?
- Her name is ...