Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, October 21, 2013

† XVII. кℓαυѕ нєяαтн †

  Castiel was still on the roof waiting for contact Grace . Millions of thoughts took his mind like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces do not join insisted on . Something was wrong this time, Daath never interfiriram during all these centuries , so why were they doing it now ? First Hareton , now antipathy father Enma . What was happening ? If they really roam looking for a place where they can live as Luke said , that the girl would have to do with it ?
- Castiel ?
  Enma was looking for when he heard a noise on the roof and sees his shadow with outspread wings designed the garden . Archangel leaves his post and brings the girl to the roof with him .
- What are you doing here ?
- I'm thinking of a few things .
- If the hostility is my father not to worry . He always has. It's getting worse with age , but you soon get used to it .
  Castiel looks away to the girl and shakes his head in disapproval .
- No. There is something more .
  The phone rang Archangel . It was Grace who after knowing all through Ethan returned with a response unsatisfactory. Castiel 's features changed abruptly as heard every information courtesy intermediate . Archangel got worried and was leaving Enma apreeensiva . When turning off the phone, he lligou for Ethan and heard all that his companion had to say , and at the end of the call , looked at the girl with concern and terror .
- Castiel , what happened ?
  When Archangel started to speak , Jhon appeared where they were with the appearance unrecognizable. Hair that was once well-cut and slightly graying turned up and got a little down from the shoulders and the color changed to a silvery intense . The left eye was no longer brown and won the red color and the right won the emerald green color . His stature has changed , as well as your muscle mass . He became double what it was and it freaked Enma , who sought refuge from the arms of the archangel .
- Give me the girl , his archangel failed. - His voice was much more serious and husky , showing aggressiveness he kept inside him .
  Castiel held Enma in his arms and began to fly as fast as he could , but the creature was faster and caught the couple with one hand and laughed bitterly.
- Do you think you are dealing with those , boy? I am the leader of Daaths and you can not beat me alone.
- I know very well who you are , Klaus . His legion and you are outnumbered by the archangels and demons and all this does not concern you , then why are you interfirindo this era ?
- I have my reasons and I promised I would not say anything to any of you.
  He separated Enma and brutally archangel Castiel and launched into the air as if he were just a paper airplane in the wind and took the girl with him .
- And my mother ? What did you do with her ?
  Klaus looked at the girl and showed her sharp teeth and yellow for her .
- Crystal is dead .