Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

† IX. ∂αяк ѕσυℓ †

- Castiel ! Castiel !
  Ethan was on the verge of despair , it was as if Castiel was in another world completely apart from that . Archangel blonde saw his friend getting pale and his eyes constamentemente change from gray to golden .
   The same happened to Enma , who lost the tone violet eyes , leaving a greyish- white tone completely opaque . The pallor of her was even more disturbing than Castiel , because it was almost transparent and her forehead dripped cold sweat . Ethan stood near the girl, as was expected a new fainting .
   Castiel awoke from his state of inertia and Enma suddenly fainted , as previously planned . Ethan held her in his arms and looked at his friend Archangel , which was completely distorted expression of terror and despair mixed with concern.
- It's all over , Ethan .
- What do you mean ?
- Luke corrupted her soul .
   Ethan 's eyes widened with fear and looked back to Enma , who was with distorted expression of pain and melancholy. Castiel took the girl in his arms and looked intently at his companion archangel.
- Find Luke quickly and make him take the charm from it before it is too late .
- He 'll never make it .
- Yes , it will . If he does not, his side also have losses more severe than the sky

   Luke was no longer in school Whinterhill . The devil was in the mansion improvised in the human world in complete meditation in the room where he was . The room was immersed in the deepest darkness , and at first , the boy sat on the floor , but he began to levitate deipos , chanting words derived from Latin that made the atmosphere of the room seem morbid and terrifying for any mortal or archangel, but for Luke that air was like the smell of homemade cookies for a child . He was already in that meditative state for a few hours and its powers were renewed after they found the inside of Castiel 's body moments before Enma .
  Poem , something hindered her concentration and brought the soul demonic him back to the mortal world .
- Ah , have patience ! A demon can not have its moments of tranquility even in their own home ! What you want , Collins ? I hope you have a good excuse to disrupt my meditation .
- Take your charm Enma now , damn demon !
  Luke returned to put your feet on the floor and stared at Ethan with irritability to have his concentration broken by something as shallow and superficial as that .
- Wait a minute , did I understand you correctly ? - Luke began gruffly , walking in circles around the Archangel - First you invade my home , take my concentration , impairs the renewal of my powers , I give orders and still offends me ? Who do you think you're talking about, soldier of the Order ? - The demon stood before Ethan - I will not take any of my thousandth charm Enma . She already mine , accept it . His luck ran out .
- If you do not make it go away again and it will bring great losses both for you as for me .
  A smirk played on his lips Luke briefly and gave way for a spine chilling laugh , but he had a generous dose of humor in it .
- Who told you that? Oh, sure was Castiel , is not it? That idiot does not know anything . Enma will not die unless ... - The seriousness of his features took over in seconds and he stiffened - What did you two do ? - He slammed his palm on his forehead - Do not tell me that you, archangels useless tried to penetrate the essence of it ?
  Ethan nodded slowly , fearing the unexpected aggressiveness of Luke .
- Who had the absurd idea of doing this ? Did you ? Well , of course not . You are just an amateur and has no power to it , so it was Castiel , is not it?
- Yes - the Archangel gasped and held her breath as the devil passed by him .
- What are you waiting for , Collins ? Want me to carry you ? I'm sorry , but it will not roll .

  In the infirmary , Enma was having some sort of seizure and Castiel no longer knew what to do to calm her down . The girl was unconscious but delirious and constantly opened her eyes , but her soul was steeped in contention between the power of the archangels and demons .
  All the school nurses tried to get her back to normal , but were unsuccessful . Not even her father , being trained as a physician , the girl did not calm down and not wake up.
  Castiel was apprehensive , because while he was forced to say what happened to her, he could not tell the truth, but who would be satisfied with the state of emergency would be him with the accusation that he was crazy . That delay was making him even more apprehensive, because if they did not get the girl would die soon and her soul would be destroyed forever.
- You can not come here , please leave.
- Who do you think you are to give me orders ? - Luke was elated and looked into the eyes of nurses , revealing the true essence of it .
  Ethan tried to stop him , because , once a demon reveals its true essence to a human , the person who has seen your sanity will remain reduced until there is absolutely nothing , making her go crazy for the rest of her life and nothing , not even the power of the archangels of the Order nor the Creator are able to reverse the effect , as well as a human is blind, mute and loses part of his memory to see the essence of an angel or archangel.
  And that's what happened with the nurse . When diving the deep black eyes of Luke , she immediately started screaming that the boy was a demon and tried to attack him with all the strength he had. At the same moment , the nurses left the girl in the bed and ran to the nurse control . Even Enma 's father went to answer the first woman , taking her to the hospital .
- Needed so aggressively , Walker ?
- I 'm not willing to negotiations today. Out of my way , Castiel .
  Luke placed a silver chain necklace with a pendant and a pearl on her neck . Gradually , the pendant was getting the purple and the girl stopped shaking . Seizures disappeared and she was slowly regaining consciousness .
- What happened ?
- You fainted and his father is coming .
  Dr. Jhon soon appeared and took the girl home. The three boys continued on the ward to ensure that they were alone .
- Thank you for enteder the situation , Luke .
- I did it for me and not for you and not even for her. - Luke threw the necklace to Ethan - Destroy the necklace and the charm of it will disappear . But even so , she will belong to me.
- That's what we see , Walker .
- I wish you luck , Collins you'll need .