Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

† XV. gιяℓ σƒ тнє ℓιgнт †

  Enma was locked in a cell in the new catacomb of sacrfícios . Victoria put her in a cell of medium size, which had two beds of gray concrete and various signs of moisture coming from the ceiling to the walls , creating an unpleasant odor of mold , dust and blood.
  Several people were locked in other human cells that also the cell that Enma was , contained two people at a time . They cried , whined and sobbed . Some tried to escape , but were never able to accomplish such a feat .
  The view was depressing and macabre because she noticed that there were body parts of other people hanging on the walls and even deformed corpses and composition certainly for years and were tied in a situation that left Enma nauseous. It was to serve as an example to others about the consequences they would have tried to escape , which was very difficult because the cells had no windows and the cells were not made ​​of grids , but aluminum doors with peeling paint and stained with blood I had a small window with iron bars , allowing a little site seeing .
  Depressed and feeling weak , she lay down on one of the ' beds ' cold concrete and closed his eyes , trying to get some sleep even in a place like that foul .
  Sleep did not come because the wailing and all the noise that those poor souls were prevented any attempt to rest, because the sounds gruturais and treble bothered anyone 's eardrums . Maybe that would justify the lack of guards there. Giving up the rest, she sat up and hugged her knees , her thoughts away and concentrated on the archangels and Luke .

  Not long after, Enma soon see a shadow move across the cell. At first she flinched , assutada with the presence of the person who was there , but then she could see it was just a girl of about fourteen years who was in another bed turned sideways to face the newcomer in place . So Enma could see that the girl was pale , dirty gray and gaunt , but that sustained opaque green eyes and blond hair tangled and disheveled .
- I Enma Roberts .
- Kira . Kira Lockward .
  Silence reigned once more , however , Enma wanted to know more about the girl who looked familiar .
- How long have you been here?
- I do not know . I think six or seven decades .
- But why?
  Kira sat cross-legged and leaned slightly , arching an eyebrow .
- This is the catacomb of sacrifice. All that's here is because of the parents or of their decisions and are waiting for the day to serve the Great Emperor .
- What happened to you ? Why would a girl like you end up in a place like this ?
- Well .. My parents were too demanding to me and wanted me to study much most of the day for me to become a businesswoman large as they . However , what I really wanted was to become a famous singer , but they would not accept.
  She sighed and continued .
- It was then that I decided to run away and abandon everything I had learned . I put aside the belief by the archangels and by Heaven , because I just promised my soul to Lucifer with the condition that he could make my dream come true . - She gave a derisive laugh and spread his arms flimsy - But look where I am now : enclosed in a cell waiting to be moldy sacrifice.
- I'm sure all will be well .
  Kira sat beside Enma and put his hand on her forehead.
- You heard what happened just say? We are in hell ! See those corpses ! If we try to escape the same fate and they will never leave us free .
  Enma smiled from the heart.
- I'm sure everything will be solved soon.
  Kira shrugged and got up to return to his bed , however , Enma made ​​a friendly suggestion .
- You want me to straighten her hair ? They are ...
- Messy and messy , I know . - She turned to a cellmate and smiled for the first time , showing dimples protruding cheeks - Sure ! I'd love to !

  After Enma work with dexterity and agility on the golden hair of Kira , untangling them and holding them in a simple braid and sophisticated at the same time, he noticed something different.
- Thank you , Enma . I liked a lot. Nobody ever talked to me before and even offered to do my hair .
- I'm glad for that.
- Enma ? What happened ?
  Enma was immersed in memories recovered recently, remembering that he had seen the girl immediately when touched and awakened with a start .
- Kira by chance you were brought here by a tall , black hair and black leather outfit ?
  Kira rubbed his chin thoughtfully.
- No. If I remember correctly was a tall man with shoulder-length hair and wearing a black mask . Oh , and he wore a black robe with gold trim . Why?
- For nothing .
  Kira sat back down close to Enma and stood looking at her legs crossed .
- But tell me ...
- What happened ?
- Why are you here too?
- I was kidnapped at the behest of Lucifer . The leader of Daaths pretended to be my real father and killed my mother so I could be sacrificed to increase the power of Hell ... - Enma covered her mouth with her hands as she realized she had said too much .
  Kira looked at her green eyes wide and bright with surprise.
- You are the ekstasis ! But ... You already should not have been ...
- Something happened and the ritual was interrupted .
  The blond girl flinched and hugged her knees when she heard the noise of the cell being opened . It was one of the guards, who was scheduled to do the inspection cell .
  After being locked again , Enma looked at Kira and asked a question that sounded like a statement .
- Kira , you were adopted?
- Yes , as you know it ?
- Well .. Is that ...
- Come on! Say it , Enma !
  Enma breath and chose his words carefully before proceeding .
- When I touched you to straighten your hair , I felt a strong and pure energy , like Castiel and Ethan . Do you happen to remember anything before being adopted?
  Kira shook her head , denying any possibility. Enma sighed , thinking they have seen too much, but that feeling came back stronger and she decided she would strive to liberate not only herself , but also the one girl and all the souls that would be sacrificed .