Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, October 11, 2013

† VII. тнє αя¢нινєѕ †

  Hallie guided by her friend inside the office. Passed by tables and entered a narrow corridor that was lit by a dim lamp and old. Passed through three doors to the right and entered a room that was written ' only for authorized persons .' Enma tried the door but it was locked .
- Excuse me , my friend .
  Effortlessly , Hallie took the key and opened the door , which released a strong smell of mold and dust . Enma searched the switch on the wall , but found nothing . She looked around the dark room and saw that there was a rope . She pulled and two lights lit , dimly lit the room , which was formed with several cabinets and shelves with plastic boxes .
  Hallie took another key from his pocket and opened a drawer that was isolated in the corner and pulled out a folder that contained the records of students Whiterhill High School . Enma looked at the photos frantically seeking filcha Castiel . After twenty minutes looking , she paused to admire the form of a student - who was not yet the Archangel - . The tears rose to her eyes , but soon disappeared when Hallie appeared beside her , turning the page .
- It will not be seeing it do well , ok ?
  Enma nodded and went to look for some more time , even set eyes on the picture of Castiel , whose eyes gold color looked directly into the camera and a lock of his black hair fell over one eye , leaving Enma further nostalgic . But , to go through the eye on the information she had an unpleasant surprise .
- How is this possible ? ! - Enma said , frustrated .
- What is possible ?
- The form it is blank ! Only has his name here! And only the first name !
- Well, that 's a start , right?
  Enma stared at the photograph and the only field that was filled out by the handwriting of Lady Emily . ' Castiel ' .
- Hallie , you can make me a copy of his record ?
- Sure . But what you will find with a blank sheet ?
- I do not know , but I'll find out.

  Hallie and Enma returned to the main entrance of the secretariat and Hallie made ​​a copy of the certificate of Castiel , including the photo that was attached . They were distracted and were surprised when Mrs. Emily came accompanied with Castiel . Enma and her friend jumped in fright and hid Hallie plug and copy under a pile of other papers that needed copies .
- What are you doing here , Miss Roberts ?
- Well , I ... I lost my list of times and my memory is weak , so I came here to ask for a copy to Hallie .
- This is the first time you lose your list all these years , young lady , are you sure this happened ?
- Oh yeah , I guess I should have used it as paper drafts and threw it away.
  While Lady Emily was printing a sheet schedules for Castiel , the two girls acted discreetly . Hallie gave a copy of the form to Castiel Enma along with a pile of other papers .
  The girl left the administration confident that the operation had been a success and that no one had noticed them in the plan , however , when she went to put the copy in the closet , she was surprised by a person who was opening the locker next to hers .
- What you girl and administration were plotting ?
- No no, it was just your imagination .
- You did not lose your time , right?
- How are you sure of that?
- Because it is attached to the inside of the door of your closet .
  Enma felt that everything would fall and she would make a fool of herself to the boy and did not realize that the plug of the boy fell to the ground .
- What is it ? - Castiel took the sheet and noticed your photo - Ah . So was the plan . Do not you think it would be easier to talk to me directly instead of making a move as risky as this ? You know that I could deliver you to the head , right?
  She gulped . Castiel smiled and returned the form to her quietly .
- Stay calm . I will not do anything . But I wanted to know why you did it .
- It's nothing, I just have to get copies of the records of new students to get to my father .
- Your father?
- He's a doctor . - She sighed - Jhon Roberts .
- Ah . I know he is a very good doctor .
- Yes , he is . And so I have to hand it to him, because once a year my father come here to check up on the students . - it was not a lie and Castiel realized .
- I trust you. If so , then everything is fine .
  The bell rang and Castiel got his things in the closet , disappearing faster than they appeared. Enma sighed , a mixture of relief and frustration at being unmasked as easily . In fact she was not an expert in this subject as the other students of the school.
  She grabbed her stuff and headed for the third floor , toward calculus class .