Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

†XIII. ¢συηт∂σωη †

    Castiel returned to the mortal world so he felt Enma move in his arms , stopping her seizures and returning to normal . The boy kept the wings as quickly as he could and put the girl standing on the ground , it still could not stand up alone .
- Feel better ?
- I think so . Thank you.
- Can you stand ?
  Enma tried to support himself standing alone , but to look up where Luke was , the girl lost consciousness again and had his vision taken by the shadows and fell into the arms of Castiel again . Archangel grabbed it quickly and growled at the demon smiled sarcastically and disappeared mysteriously .
  Castiel carried the girl in his arms by the college to find Ethan , who was leaving for the front yard of the school . Seeing the girl unconscious again and a quick exchange of glances , the archangel blond soon realized that Luke had finger that story again .
- Take the child to the hospital . Her father is working there today .
- And you ? Where are you?
- I 'm coming for Luke . I have something I want to get clean and to be with him now .
  Before Ethan could protest or say something , Castiel took the silver sedan in the parking lot and followed the bike Luke to a wooded wilderness and far away from the city . Soon, the demon stopped and waited at the entrance by the archangel of the woods .
  Castiel got out and followed the enemy for some time before he could reach him and grabbed his right shoulder , turning him firmly.
- As you have access to everything ?
- I do not know what you 're talking about, my dear friend .
- Do not be a fool! How can you make Enma have those crises and have some vision of her previous lives ?
  Luke gave a half smile .
- Is not I who do it . When there is a clash between my energy and one of you two archangels in the innermost depths of the heart and her memories are revived in fragments in her mind . And believe me, if it were not for her power she would have died later that day.
- I know that. But how can I trust you ?
- If she dies there will be benefit to me , so I intend to keep it alive .
  The demon looked at the crows flying above them and grinned , opening the black wings behind and taking off in a cloud of black feathers .
- I think you should be more careful with what you think , Castiel . If you chase me again I 'll take the girl mercilessly . I just do not do it because I want to have fun with you two .
  Castiel closed his eyes and meditated on his conversation with Luke and redid the calculations calmly at that time became the celestial human time and Archangel realized he was mistaken . They had only one month ahead and the new moon was in the beginning , which meant that the time had come and would still happen that night , when the moon was at the top of the sky .