Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 18 ❅

  Lauren then changed his plan of action once you have found Milenne . Until the end of the mission , she would be the maid newcomer red hair , Lycena , servant of an ancient king who died .
  The next morning , Milenne took the girl to the quarters of Elisabeth , that Lauren was introduced as the new queen 's maid . So she allowed the entry of the two servants , Elisabeth carefully examined every detail of Lycena , nothing lacking . Lauren held the tremor that ran through her ​​spine and each part analyzed the Queen walking in circles around her .
  Elisabeth stood before the girl and turned to face the nurse. Her expression did not reveal what she was thinking actually . They turned away from Lauren and spoke quickly and quietly , so that the girl could not distinguish what they were talking . Soon , they came to get closer to the girl and smiled at Elisabeth Lycena .
- You are one of the few who won my sympathy , Lycena . I am pleased to inform you that one of my servants and private individuals will be allowed to come in here anytime .
- Thank you , Queen Elisabeth . - Lycena bowed and walked out of the chambers Milenne Ice Queen .
  When they were out of earshot of any guards , they quietly celebrated the success of a part of the mission . Now , all that remained was to win the confidence of the queen slowly and finally give checkmate.

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   Dylan continued walking through the woods looking for Lauren . Unfortunately , he did not find me anywhere. ' Lauren , where you been? ' He thought, frustrated and worried. He had followed many paths looking for it , but any trace that indicates the direction she went disappeared , which has become a major challenge for the boy .
  He came out of the forest and drove the Audi to a deserted road and apparently forgotten until you reach a plateau where the color white predominates and everyone worked hard . A place where children were separated from their families and killed in sacrifice the person who ruled them . A place that , while it seemed a place for the perfect vacation , it was a labor camp that smelled of blood, sweat and fear .
  Once Dylan put your feet on those plains , the land looked more bleak than usual and he knew very well what it meant . An uneasy feeling ran through the boy's spine and a dose of adrenaline was released. Lauren was in danger .