Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

† I. єηмα яσвєятѕ †

  London, England.

  Her name was Enma Roberts . Daughter of a doctor and a reputable lawyer famous in the city . Long hair and the color of bronze. Eyes large and empty violet color . Temperament lonely and dark . He did not like to go out with the few friends I had not even had an interest in new friendships . Student sample of all school and symbol of mystery and respect. Nobody dared to approach her to talk , just watched the solsaio aisles and at lunchtime . She was part of the drama club because of the insistence of the parents and , incidentally , was the best actress who had . But Enma , everything was a lie and increased the emptiness she felt in the heart .
  But what she liked most was writing songs and playing his guitar at times that his heart was more cheerful .

   Ethan was in High School Whinterhill corridors looking for her locker . It was his first day in London and it was all so different from Oxford ... For a moment , he thought Jade was crazy as a girl with the profile of reincarnation Natasha could not be there . None of them had the light of the predestined .
- Ethan Collins ?
- Yes , I am.
- I am the director , Harry Doyle . Welcome to Whinterhill High School .
- Thank you .
- This is Callie Nakashiwa , class representative . She will accompany you on your first day here .
  Beside director , was a girl of average height low, dark brown hair stuck in a ponytail , Asian eyes and a half smile friendly .
- So you're Ethan Collins ? You can call me Callie ! Come , I'll show you where your closet .
  The girl grabbed him by the wrist and led within seconds to his locker , he had the number 439 and his name written below.
- Let's see ... What a coincidence ! Our first class is of general history . Take your things and come with me quickly!
  Callie led him to the second floor , where a middle-aged man wearing a suit was at the door waiting to greet students .
- Well , come , Mr. Collins . I booked a seat for you there. - He pointed toward the first chair by the window , where a girl was sitting looking out absently .
- Hello , I'm Ethan Collins .
  The girl looked at him and studied his features for a few seconds and looked out the window.
- I Enma Roberts . - She said with a bored tone .
  It hit Ethan like a stone . She was that girl , of course ! As he did not realize the violet light that was around her ? Well , he could have more contact with her now , they would have a class together. He stared at the girl , who was with her ​​hair pulled back in a loose braid and wore a gray T-shirt covered by a black denim jacket , gray jeans and black sneakers .
- Any problem , newbie ?
  Ethan was startled and looked away as fast as he could. Good job , Ethan , the boy thought . Beautiful way to start a friendship .
 Throughout the class, he realized that Enma rarely paid attention to other classmates . Unlike others who cast curious glances at him , the girl beside him seemed even remember he existed .