Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

† XI. ѕє¢яєтѕ †

  As the days passed , Ethan realized that the relationship between Castiel and deadly companion Enma was different. They do not talk anymore and avoided frequent the same places at the same time . Castiel was melancholy and rarely spoke something and hardly answer questions from other people , because he was always immersed in deep thoughts that were his golden eyes lose their luster.
- Hey , what happened between you two , Castiel ?
- The truth is out and nothing else matters now .
- What truth ? What are you talking about?
- Well , summarizing the opera : Enma was always close to me because I looked like her boyfriend who died , and she tried to see me as a perfect substitute , not to disturb her life I became disenchanted addition to telling about Danielle and how to react after her loss , but Enma judged me a monster for even trying to live with this hole in my chest .
- Ah . So do not play it anymore , but she will understand your point of view and will change . She will remember everything , will choose our side and you can be friends again .
- I think not . Well , anyway , we have little time to bring it to our side . Luke is rapidly advancing and gaining ground with the information they got from other mortals about it . We investigate further deepen the true purpose of her soul .
- How long do we have?
- About two months ago, I think. Well , as I'm not stuck in this mission , go to the archives of the Order to search and try to find something for you here.

   Castiel was leaving in the west to be able to spread their wings and fly , but someone was watching him . The archangel turned to seek entruso , but found nothing . He used his powers and realized that a girl was around.
  He walked over to where she was hiding and waited for an answer .
- Well, I 'd like to apologize for the way I misjudged that day and also want to thank you for sharing your feelings with me and understand me without criticizing me .
- It's okay . - Castiel remained indifferent and cold continued cm - Anything else ?
  Enma shook his head , but did not pull away . She stared at the floor and it made Castiel impatient, however , he said nothing , just waited for her to realize he wanted to be alone and moved away .
  Instead , the girl clenched his fists at his side and winced slightly. The archangel thought she was having another crisis and stepped forward. To his surprise , the girl hugged him with tears slipping down his face , he was buried in the chest of Castiel . At first he remained motionless and stiffened , but as the sobs of the girl became insistent , Archangel embraced her and brought her closer to him.
- It's okay now , no need to cry.
- Please do not be angry with me , I just ... I just ...
  Castiel waited for her to face him and wiped a tear that fell from the red eyes and the wet girl.
- I'm not angry . I just do not want you to feel something more for me , but for Ethan . He can understand you and comfort you better than I can ever . Also, I am stuck with another person the rest of my life and you know it . I'm sorry , but I can not say what you feel for me is reciprocal .
- I understand, but that is ...
  Enma did not finish and another crisis again memories invaded her mind , leaving her distraught . Castiel felt the energy that surrounded the girl and then could see black tentacles involving the girl's body , an energy emanating aggressive and sinister as the other time . Luke was around, the archangel knew this very well and looked around , to capture the demon on the roof , which kept his eyes half closed and about Enma .
  After checking out the place , Castiel opened silvery wings and involved the deadly , blocking the energy the demon . Enma shivered inside archangel wings and gripped his shirt tightly, so that her knuckles stay white . Castiel froze in place , because he could not go back into the school with wings sample and could not call for Ethan because of the great distance and interference from Luke in telepathy.
  Archangel held the girl in his arms and did something that all angels were forbidden to do. He leaned his forehead against hers and closed his eyes .

  Then all became clear to him . Castiel could clearly see where the power of the devil and Ethan met and clashed . That was the point where memories arose and caused seizures in Enma . Even knowing he could not , he went into a slit of the memories of past incarnations of the girl and he arrived in a place completely dark and empty , where there were only three people present . One was the soul of Enma , which at that time - if it could be considered as a time in fact - was known as Ravenna Edwards , the person who gave birth to all those battles . The other two were distant and Castiel could not identify who they were.
  Castiel stood at a safe distance to ensure that none of the three saw the traveler and sharpened senses to know who were those other people and what they were talking so seriously .